Document Type

Special Project

Degree Name

Master of Science in Education


Professional Studies


Special Education

First Advisor

Jeong - il Cho

Committee Members

Jeong - il Cho, Jane M. Leatherman, Rama Cousik

Date of Award



This special project is a handbook with strategies for beginning college students with disabilities for the successful college experience. These students with disabilities do not need to learn through trial and error. This handbook can help guide them as they go through the difficult change college brings. In order to create this handbook, an extensive literature review was conducted and research was done through a survey. The purpose of this survey was to determine what college students with disabilities know about strategies and information that will assist them as they strive to have a successful college experience. The survey covered the following: self-advocacy, self-determination, campus and community resources, and laws related to college students with disabilities. The results of the survey found that a majority of students with disabilities are unaware of their rights under the law and do not speak up when their rights are violated. They also are unaware of community resources and did not know how to advocate for themselves before beginning college. This information was then used to create a handbook titled: Survival Guide for College Students with Disabilities. This handbook gives an overview of the results of the survey. It covers self-advocacy, self-determination, laws related to college students with disabilities, and campus and community resources. The goal is to give them the information they need to assist them as they go through college.


College students with disabilities, self-determination, self-advocacy, laws related to disabilities


Special Education and Teaching