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Special Project

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Master of Science in Education


Professional Studies


Special Education

First Advisor

Jane M. Leatherman

Committee Members

Jane M. Leatherman, Jeong-il Cho, Rama Cousik

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Many students who are in the mild or moderate special education program are not able to transition into the adult world smoothly when they exit high school. These students need a formal transition planning process to assist them. Some important decisions that need to be made are whether students will go to college or receive a type of job training, and where they will live. The research study investigated what special education teachers know about resources for the transition of students who have a mild or moderate disability from high school to adult life. Results show that teachers who teach special education, differ in their procedures about when a vocational rehabilitation agency representative should come to the Annual Case Review. Teachers do agree that the level of cognitive disability depends on how much assistance is needed from the rehabilitation agency.


transition, special education, high school, adult life, transition resources


Disability and Equity in Education | Special Education and Teaching