Family systems, parenting, and prosocial behavior in low-income urban youth

Document Type

Poster Session

Presentation Date

Fall 11-2010

Conference Name

National Council on Family Relations Annual Conference

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Minneapolis, MN

Peer Review



The current study examined how youth perceptions of selected overall family system qualities and parenting (supervision and support) were associated with prosocial behavior among low-income urban youth. Participants (N =84) were part of a convenience sample of youth ages 8-13 in one urban area. Results showed parental behaviors mediated the relationship between family system qualities and prosocial behavior and exposure to violence. Specifically, parental supervision mediated the relationship between family cohesion and adaptability and exposure to violence while family cohesion and adaptability were related to prosocial behavior through parental support. Implications are discussed in light of protective processes for youth in high risk context.


Family qualities, parenting behaviors, prosocial behavior, exposure to violence, Low-income, Urban Youth


Family, Life Course, and Society | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Race and Ethnicity

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