Submissions from 2016

“Todo parece ocurrir en el presente:” Poverty and Representation Before and After Subaltern Studies, Stephen M. Buttes

With Us Always: Borges, Eternity and the Problem of Poverty, Stephen M. Buttes

Submissions from 2015

The Freedoms of Realism, the Constraints of Modernism, the Autonomy of Literature and the Legacy of José Donoso Today, Stephen M. Buttes

Ein japanisches Bild des Holocausts in der Übersetzung vom Tagebuch der Anne Frank (A Japanese View of the Holocaust in Translations of the Diary of Anne Frank), Lee Roberts

‘Facing the Past’ through Fictional Trials: Acts of National Atonement in Peter Weiss’ The Investigation (1965) and Shunya Ito’s Pride: The Fateful Moment (1998), Lee M. Roberts

Submissions from 2014

‘Universally Foreign’: Depictions of Frau/onna in Yoko Tawada’s German- and Japanese-language Texts, Lee M. Roberts

Endstation der Sehnsüchte: Home-Making of Korean-German Return Migrants, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2013

Mass Media, “realismo villero” and “el sueño argentino”: The Return to Literature in Gabriela Cabezón Cámara’s La virgen cabeza (2009), Stephen M. Buttes

Shantytown Vistas and Immigrant Voices: Bernardo Verbitsky, Guaraní Language and the Art of Overcoming Peronism, Stephen M. Buttes


Tag, That’s It!: Using Blogs for Creative Research, Applied Critical Thinking and Better Student Writing, Stephen M. Buttes

Visualizing a State of Debt: Sergio Chejfec’s Art of Landscapes and Loans, Stephen M. Buttes

Inadvertent Subversion: Shifting Perceptions of Japan in German Translations of Okakura Kakuzō’s Work, Lee M. Roberts

Reloading the Canon: Literature as a Weapon in the Prelude to the Holocaust, Lee M. Roberts

Deutsche, Koreaner, Deutschkoreaner? Die zweite Generation auf Identitätssuche, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2012

Service-learning in Northeastern Indiana: health, education, Spanish and criminal justice, Talia Bugel, Jospeter M. Mbuba, Nancy K. Mann, and M. Gail Hickey

Cabecitas negras, Villas miseria and Visual Culture: Urban Poverty and National Identity in 1950's Argentina, Stephen M. Buttes

El pelado y ‘la desnudez de México:’ Reading Urban Poverty with Salvador Novo and Agustín Yáñez, Stephen M. Buttes

Houses, Homelessness, Hunger and Hallucinations: Re-thinking Realism in José Donoso’s The Obscene Bird of Night, Stephen M. Buttes

Western Criticism of an Occidental East: A German View of the Modernization of Literature in China and Japan, Lee M. Roberts

East, West, and the Labeling of the Eastern Periphery: An Historical Perspective on a Contemporary Phenomenon, Lee M. Roberts and James Toole

"Introducción a la autobiografía" ("An Introduction to Autobiography"), Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2011

Le Cri dans L’Amour, la Fantasia d’Assia Djebar, Laurie L. Corbin

Fictive Fears and a Perilous Refuge: Apprehensions about Asia in Autobiographical Accounts of the Shanghai Ghetto, 1938-45, Lee M. Roberts

Korean-German Auto-Biographical Writings: Ich war koreanischer Gastarbeiter in Deutschland, Suin Roberts

Jacques Demy’s Les Parapluies de Cherbourg: A National Allegory of the French- Algerian War, Nancy E. Virtue

Le film de… : L’auto-adaptation dans la version filmique de La Noire de… d’Ousmane Sembène, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2010

Staging Miscegenation in Racially Divided Shanghai: Jewish-Austrian Literary Responses to the Nazi Race Laws, Lee M. Roberts

Koreans or Germans? Hybrid Identity Construction of Second-Generation Koreans in Germany, Suin Roberts

Exile and Identity Formation in the Autobiographies of Constancia de la Mora, María Teresa León, and Federica Montseny, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2009

Japanese Nationalism and the Spirit of Sigmund Freud, Lee M. Roberts

Memory, Trauma, and the French-Algerian War: Michael Haneke’s Caché (2006), Nancy E. Virtue

Does Prison Influence or Change Definitions of Self? An Exploration of the Testimonial Narratives of Spanish Women Political Prisoners of the Francisco Franco Regime, Karla P. Zepeda

Republican Women’s Prison Testimonies at the Crossroad of Identity after the Spanish Civil War, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2008

"Moros y cristianos, Hollywood y el concepto de frontera: Nuevas aproximaciones a la enseñanza de la épica medieval española.", Ana I. Benito

Spanish at work as a foreign language in the River Plate area, Talia Bugel

Variation in Spanish and language choice in the foreign language classroom in Brazil, Talia Bugel

Hinzelmann’s Asia and the ‘Yellow Peril’: Culling Cultural Biases from the German Literary Tradition, Lee M. Roberts

Teaching the World through German Eyes: Adapting German Studies to Twenty-First Century Needs, Lee M. Roberts

Language of Migration: Guestworkers in Germany, Suin Roberts

Migration, Multiculturalism, and Migrant Identity in Germany and Korea, Suin Roberts

Representations of Korean Immigrants in German Media and Literature, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2007

Maurofilia y Maurofobia Despues de la Reconquista: Las Dos Mitades de el Otro en la Literatura Morisca, Ana I. Benito

Actitudes ante las variedades del español en Brasil - foco en ensenanza de lengua extranjera.., Talia Bugel

Actitudes ante las variedades del español en Brasil - foco sociolingüístico., Talia Bugel

Context and Motivation for Taking Spanish Classes in a Midwestern Campus, Talia Bugel

Covert Attitudes Towards Spanish Varieties in Brazil, Talia Bugel

Spanish Teaching in Brazil: International Cooperation or Foreign Interference?, Talia Bugel

The Link Between Motivation and Performance in the Classroom of Spanish as a Foreign Language, Talia Bugel

Two Measures of Language Attitudes Towards the Varieties of Spanish in Brazil, Talia Bugel

An Analysis of Phonological Adaptation Strategies for Borrowings in Spanish, Jens Clegg

An Analysis of the Motivations for Borrowing in the Spanish of New Mexico, Jens Clegg

Le retour vers la mère: Maryse Condé et la représentation de la maternité, Laurie Corbin

La Représentation de la Maternité dans les Textes Autobiographiques de Maryse Condé, Laurie L. Corbin

An Image of Guilt and Penance: The German Discovery of Russia in Translations of Dostoevsky, Lee M. Roberts

Faustian Japan: The Effects of German Literature on World War II Japanese National Spirit, Lee M. Roberts

Aspects of Culture Shock in Mirok Li's Der Yalu fließt, Suin Roberts

Creating a Sense of Community in a Two-Way Video Classroom, Suin Roberts

Sanfte Engel aus Korea: representations of first- generation Korean immigrants in German media and literature, Suin Roberts

La guerre d’Algérie révélée: le cache-cache cinématographique de Michael Haneke dans le film Caché, Nancy E. Virtue

Torture, the Pentagon and War Lessons : The Colonial Gaze in The Battle of Algiers, Nancy E. Virtue

Exile as National Belonging in María Teresa León’s Memoria de la Melancolía, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2006

• “Wise Muslim Women in Medieval Castile: The Doncella Teodor and Saladin’s duenna in El Conde Lucanor”., Ana I. Benito

En Attendant le Bonheur: L’ironie et le Déracinement dans L’oeuvre de Maryse Condé, Laurie L. Corbin

Torture, the Pentagon and War Lessons : The Colonial Gaze in The Battle of Algiers, Nancy E. Virtue

Exile and Identity Formation in Federica Montseny’s Seis años de mi vida, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2005

Hermann Hesse's East-West Spirit, Lee M. Roberts

Submissions from 2004

Le voile et la caméra: l’hégémonie européene exposée dans La bataille d’Alger, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2003

• “Moras y cristianos en la épica y el romancero castellanos: La creación de la frontera erótica.", Ana I. Benito

Cultural and Political Differences In and Outside of the Classroom, Laurie Corbin

El leitmotiv de lo abyecto en Medea en el espejo de José Triana.” (The Abject as Leitmotif in Medea en el espejo de José Triana”), Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2002

“Elements of Reconquest: Muslims and Jewish Mothers in Alfonso el Sabio’s Cantigas de Santa María”, Ana I. Benito

Visages de femmes, corps de femmes: vues interculturelles, Laurie L. Corbin

Jacques Demy’s Allegorical Treatment of Colonization in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, Nancy E. Virtue

La Intertextualidad en El Coloquio de Las Perras de Rosario Ferré: Vehículo para Indeterminar Ideologías Sobre la Mujer (Questioning Ideologies of Womanhood: Intertextuality and Indeterminacy in Rosario Ferre’s El coloquio de Las Perras), Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2001

"Pueblos y razas monstruosas en la General Estoria de Alfonso X.", Ana I. Benito

L’ironie chez Mongo Beti et Ferdinand Oyono, Laurie L. Corbin

Géburon’s Tired Soldier: The Price of Masculinity (Novella 65), Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2000

Narrative in Transition: The Generation Gap in Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 1999

"El viaje literario de las Amazonas: desde las crónicas de Alfonso X a las crónicas de América.", Ana I. Benito

"Santa Teresa: cuatro extrañas en una misma.", Ana I. Benito

Violent Fathers and Runaway Sons: Colonial Relationships in Francophone Novels, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 1997

My Other Self: Divided Identities in Francophone Women’s Autobiographies, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 1996

Memory, History, and the Violence of Self-Representation, Laurie L. Corbin

Practicing Inclusionary Strategies in the Classroom Without Making Students Feel Excluded, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 1995

Changing our minds about ‘femininity’: Cixous and Colette and co-chair for panel “Cross-Gender Writing”, Laurie L. Corbin

Recollecting the Body: Women’s Autobiography, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 1994

The Devouring Mother: Orality in Un barrage contre le Pacifique and L’Amant, Laurie L. Corbin

The Hungry I: Orality and Specularity in L’Amant de la Chine du Nord, Laurie L. Corbin