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CELT: Evidence-based Strategies: Helping Students Learn and Stay the Course

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Fort Wayne, IN

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In this presentation and discussion, I presented the way I use in my teaching what has come to be called "folksonomy." That is, I explain how my students categorize short pieces of writing with "tags" or labels that they assign when they post their writing assignments to a class blog. Students then re-use their tags and their classmates' tags to find new topics to develop for the next assignment. The motivation behind this technique is three-fold:

1. Getting students excited about the process of researching, writing and re-writing (increasing student "buy-in" on the assignments)

2. Expanding the frame of the course by creating a space in which students can apply the concepts studied in the course to contexts outside the course in order to present them to the class.

3. The "nose-to-tail" theory: discovering what bits of student knowledge are going to waste in my classroom and finding ways of recovering that to redeploy for increased student knowledge and better outcomes.


blogs, tagging, nose-to-tail, folksonomy


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Methods