Submissions from 2017

Cold War Caricatures: Topaze, Hunger and the Politics of Poverty in 1960s Chile, Stephen M. Buttes

Para una literatura chorra: el realismo villero de Bruno Morales, Stephen M. Buttes

Re-fictionalizing the Argentine Dream: Poverty and the Return to Literature in La virgen cabeza, Stephen M. Buttes

The Failures of Consuelo’s Designs: Carlos Fuentes and Trompe l’Oeil Modernity, Stephen M. Buttes

Narraciones y visualizaciones de la pobreza y la precariedad en la literatura y el cine latinoamericanos del siglo XXI, Stephen M. Buttes and Dianna C. Niebylski

Pobreza y precariedad en el imaginario latinoamericano del siglo XXI, Stephen M. Buttes and Dianna C. Niebylski

“The Gendered Migration Experience: Korean Nurses in Germany”, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2015


La Ubicua Presencia del Moro: Maurofilia y Maurofobia Literaria Como Productos de Consumo Cristiano, Ana I. Benito

Review of Capital Fictions: The Literature of Latin America’s Export Age by Ericka Beckman, Stephen M. Buttes


5 Professional Skills, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2014

Edad de Sal, Ana I. Benito


Éramos, Ana I. Benito


Niños Amargos, Ana I. Benito


Para Recibirte, Ana I. Benito

Huaso Romance as Neoliberal Reform in Sebastián Silva's La nana, Stephen M. Buttes


Towards an Art of Landscapes and Loans: Sergio Chejfec and the Politics of Literary Form, Stephen M. Buttes

La Langue de la Mere, les Lois des Peres: la Signification du Cri dans L'Amour, la Fantasia, Laurie Corbin

The Other Language, the Language of the Other in the Work of Assia Djebar and Helene Cixous, Laurie Corbin

Top Tips from Humananities Professionals for Humanities Professionals Survey Results, Ellen Mayock and Karla P. Zepeda

Vestiges of Yellow-Peril Discourse in Interwar Europe and its Impact on the Shanghailanders, Lee Roberts

Staging Miscegenation in Shanghai Exile: Hans Schubert and Mark Siegelberg’s Dramatic Critique of the Racist West, Lee M. Roberts

Le film de...: Self-Adaptation in the Film Version of Ousmane Sembene's La Noire de..., Nancy E. Virtue

Poaching Within the System: Gillo Pontecorvo's Tactical Aesthetics in The Battle of Algiers, Nancy E. Virtue

Poaching within the system: Gillo Pontecorvo's tactical aesthetics in The Battle of Algiers, Nancy E. Virtue

'I Wish I was Back Home in Derry': Songs Written in the H Blocks and the Paradox of Exile, Lachlan Whalen

Interview with Legal Counsel Mark E. GiaQuinta, Karla P. Zepeda


Forging a Rewarding Career in the Humanities: Advice for Academics, Karla P. Zepeda and Ellen Mayock

Submissions from 2013


Historia del buen amor, Ana I. Benito

El Impacto de la Integración Regional Mercosur en la Posición de Variedades de Español y Portugués en el Continuum No-Dominante/Dominante, Talia Bugel

Looking in the Multicultural/Multilingual Mirror of Spanish Translation and Service-Learning, Talia Bugel

Shantytown Vistas and Immigrant Voices: Bernardo Verbitsky, Kenneth Kemble and the Art of Overcoming Peronism, Stephen M. Buttes


Jacques Demy’s Les Parapluies de Cherbourg: A National Allegory of the French-Algerian War, Nancy E. Virtue


Performing Le Jeu d’Adam: Teaching Medieval French Literature Through Project-Based Learning, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2012

Inquisition and the Creation of the Other, Ana I. Benito

Buenas y no tan buenas variedades del español: Opiniones y actitudes en Montevideo y Buenos Aires, Talia Bugel

O ensino das línguas do Mercosul: Aproximando-nos da maioridade (1991-2012), Talia Bugel

De sombras y umbrales: ansiedad geográfica en Boca de lobo, Stephen M. Buttes

The Voicing of Desire, the Quest for History in Heremakhonon and The Women of Tijucopapo, Laurie L. Corbin

Language of Migration: Self- and Other Presentation of Korean Migrants in Germany, Suin Roberts

Exile and Identity in Autobiographies of Twentieth-Century Spanish Women, Karla P. Zepeda

Exile as National Belonging in María Teresa León’s Memoria de la Melancolía, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2011


"Puro fuego", Ana I. Benito


Response to "Money is in the Eye of the Beholder", Stephen M. Buttes

"Imaginez-vous, a me lire, que je fais mon portrait?": Looking at the Narrator in Women's Autobiographical Texts, Laurie L. Corbin

The Asian Threat in Europe: Topical Connections between the Serial Novels Anna Karenina and Effi Briest, Lee M. Roberts


Memory, Trauma, and the French-Algerian War: Michael Haneke’s Caché (2005), Nancy E. Virtue

El movimiento metonímico del deseo: un acercamiento psicoanalítico a María (1867) de Jorge Isaacs, Karla P. Zepeda

Submissions from 2010

Attitudes and representations of Spanish and the spread of the language industries in Brazil., Talia Bugel and Helade Scutti Santos

Literary Nationalism in German and Japanese Germanistik, Lee M. Roberts

Writing Zuhause: Identity Construction of the Korean-German Woman, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2009


“Lo que todos", Ana I. Benito


“Mujer número 10.”, Ana I. Benito

Elementos de Reconquista: Moras y Judías en las Cantigas de Alfonso X, Ana I. Benito

Explicit Attitudes in Brazil Towards Varieties of Portuguese, Talia Bugel

Gender Assignment to English-Origin Nouns in the Spanish of the Southwestern United States, Jens Clegg

Irony and Exile in Hérémakhonon and Mission Terminée, Laurie Corbin

Germany and the Imagined East, Lee M. Roberts

Review of the book At Home in the Chinese Diaspora: Memories, Identities and Belongings., Suin Roberts

Review of the book At Home in the Chinese Diaspora: Memories, Identities and Belongings by Kuah-Pearce Khun Eng and Andrew P. Davidson, Suin Roberts

Finding the Foreign, Suin Roberts and Robert Schechtman, editors

Singing from the Edges: Tété’s Brand of French Musical Métissage, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2008

Monstruos y portentos: Dos visiones antagónicas de las razas prodigiosas en la General Estoria de Alfonso X, Ana I. Benito

Teaching the World through German Eyes: A View of Asia in Twenty-First Century German Studies, Lee M. Roberts

Language of Migration: Guestworkers in Germany - Teaching Diversity and Critical Thinking, Suin Roberts

Sanfte Engel aus Korea- Korean Nurses in the German Media, Suin Roberts

Teaching the World through German Eyes: A View of Asia in Twenty-first Century German Studies, Suin Roberts

Submissions from 2007

The Return to and Beyond the Mother: Maryse Conde and Representations of Maternity, Laurie L. Corbin

BAG 9: Toward the Architecture of the Apology, Irmengard Rauch and Suin Roberts

Finding the Foreign, Suin Roberts and Robert Schechtman

Submissions from 2006

Faculty Development for Facilitating Civil Discourse, Patrick J. Ashton and Jeanette Clausen

‘L´Espanyol conquereix el Brasil’, L´Expansió de l´Espanyol a l´Estranger: Articles de la Premsa Espanyola, Talia Bugel

Media-Portrayed Violence in Alberto Fuguet's Tinta Roja, Jason Summers

Gala and Goytisolo: Al-Andalus as Cultural Mirror, Jason G. Summers

Submissions from 2005

Aquella Mora Garrida: La Construccion Cultural de la Mujer Musulmana en la Literatura Medieval Castellana, Ana I. Benito

From Chants to Borders to Communion: Pat Mora's Poetic Journey to Nepantla, Linda Fox

Germany and the Imagined East, Lee M. Roberts, M.

Soleado: Revista de Literature y Cultura 2, Jason Summers and Ana I. Benito

Gender and Theology in Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptameron: A Reading of Novella 65, Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 2004

Yellowed Pages, Virtual Realities: Publication in Women in German's Past, Present, and Future, Jeannine Blackwell and Jeanette Clausen

Review/Boundaries of Acceptability: Flaubert, Maupassant, Cezanne, and Cassatt by Sharon Johnson, Laurie Corbin

Amish Schools of Indiana: Faith in Education, Stephen Harroff


Don Quijote de la Mancha : el Quijote de 1605 : versión modernizada sin paginación, Fred F. Jehle

Submissions from 2003


“ Paseo.”, Ana I. Benito

Violent Fathers and Runaway Sons: Colonial Relationships in Une vie de boy and Mission terminéé, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 2002

El viaje literario de las Amazonas: Desde las crónicas de Alfonso X a las crónicas de América, Ana I. Benito

Rereading Rape in Two Versions of La fille du comte de Pontieu, Nancy E. Virtue

Storytelling in Transition: Character Individuation in Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptameron, Nancy E. Virtue

Workbook/Lab Manual Part l to accompany the first-year textbook Débuts: An Introduction to French, Nancy E. Virtue

Debuts: An Introduction to French: Workbook/Lab Manual Part I, Nancy E. Virtue, H. Jay Siskin, Ann Williams-Gascon, and Tom Fields

Submissions from 2001

Español en la ciudad de San Pablo: quién le enseña cuál variedad a quién?, Talia Bugel

The Mother Mirror: Self-Representation and the Mother-Daughter Relation in Colette, Simone de Beauvoir, and Marguerite Duras, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 2000

(C)ette frontirè où se perdent les limites strictes entre le meme et l'autre: Discourses of Nineteenth Century French Colonization, Laurie L. Corbin

The Life and Adventures of Trobadora Beatrice as Chronicled by Her Minstrel Laura, Irmtraud Morgner and Jeanette Clausen

Entretiens: Cours de conversation (Web-based Exercises), Nancy E. Virtue

Ouvertures: Cours intermédiare de français (Web-based Exercises and Quizzes), Nancy E. Virtue

Submissions from 1999

Santa Teresa: Cuatro extrañas en una misma. Un caso de alteridad asimilada, Ana I. Benito

O Espanhol na cidade de São Paulo: Quem ensina qual variante a quem?, Talia Bugel


Divided Selves: The Language of the Body in Assia Djebar’s L’amour, la fantasia and Marie Cardinal’s Les mots pour le dire, Laurie L. Corbin

Divided Selves: The Language of the Body in Assia Djebra's L'amour, la fantasia and Marie Cardinal's Les mots pour le dire, Laurie L. Corbin

Submissions from 1998

Text and Context: Practicing Inclusionary Curriculum Strategies Without Making Students Feel Excluded, Laurie L. Corbin