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The Library was added to IPFW’s academic unit Program Review cycle in 2012. According to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA Memorandum 12-1), the primary goal of the program review is program improvement. Program review provides an opportunity for the unit to accurately portray its unique character and outcomes and set future goals. The self-study process allows a program to examine its resources, services and programs and other factors relevant to the unit to determine the extent to which the program is accomplishing its mission.

For this first Helmke Library program review, the Library Management Team proposed conducting a comprehensive analysis of its resources, services, and programs within the framework of the university’s Program Review Guidelines, the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (2011) and current and future trends in academic libraries.

The library profile and self-study is followed by results of faculty and student surveys, internal and external review comments, and a focused and flexible multi-year plan to guide library decisions and resource allocations of the next several years.


academic program review, library, standards for libraries in higher education, ACRL, self-study


Higher Education Administration | Library and Information Science