Submissions from 2018

Building Online Scenarios for Library Instruction, Shannon F. Johnson

Submissions from 2017

Challenges in Using an Open Access Platform to Showcase and Promote Works of Student Scholarship, Creative Endeavor, and Student/Faculty Collaboration, David C. Dunham

Making Undergraduate Research Open Access in the Institutional Repository: Challenges and Benefits, David C. Dunham, Sarah Wagner, and Jonathan Bull


At the Threshold: Using Student Interviews to Impact Usability Initiatives, Ann Marshall and Sarah Wagner

Incorporating Active Learning into a One-Shot for Engineering Technology Students: What Worked and What Failed, Sarah E. Wagner

Listening and Learning from Students: Interviewing Students about the Intersections of Research, Writing and Technology, Sarah E. Wagner, Ann Marshall, and Kristine M. Frye

Submissions from 2016

Creating an Awards Database: Using a Digital Commons Repository to Showcase and Archive Faculty Awards, Grants, and Fellowships, David C. Dunham

"I Don’t Want My Article Next to That": Educating Faculty and Graduate Students about Issues of Open Access, Institutional Repositories, and “Predatory” Publishers, David C. Dunham


IPFW Student Research and Creative Endeavor Commons: Showcasing Collaboration, David C. Dunham


Predator and Prey: A Study in the Prevalence of Articles Originally Published by “Predatory Publishers” in an Institutional Repository, David C. Dunham

The Vital Role of Librarians as Educators in Seeking to Mature an Institutional Repository and Implement an Open Access Policy, David C. Dunham


Using an Open Access Platform to Showcase and Promote Works of Student Scholarship, Creative Endeavor, and Student/Faculty Collaboration, David C. Dunham


Digital Humanities & Scholarly Communication: Outreach and Prospects, Franny Gaede and David C. Dunham

Bargain Basement Assessment: Free and easy resources to assess instruction and measure student outcomes, Heather A. Howard and Sarah E. Wagner

Discovering Hidden Histories: Collaborating to Create a Digital Girl Scout Archive, Shannon F. Johnson

Librarians Integrated into the Curriculum., Susan London, Amy Blevins, M Murphy, Shannon F. Johnson, and C Pike

Discover Govinfo, the New Discovery Tool Being Built by the U.S. Government Publishing Office, Andrea Morrison, Ann Marshall, and Emily Alford

Let’s make discussion forums more significant in the online classroom, Deborah Poling, Sarah Beckman, Shannon F. Johnson, and V Jenkins

Submissions from 2015

Statewide Transfer General Education Core: Librarian and Faculty Collaboration on Information Literacy, Tiff Adkins, Susan M. Anderson, Beth Boatright, and Sue Skekloff

The Library at the Intersection of Undergraduate Research and Information Literacy, Susan M. Anderson

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential (Even If You're Not In Charge), Beth Boatright


Library as Publisher: A New Initiative for RUSA?, Beth Boatright, Crystal Boyce, Rebecca Marrall, Angela Kent, and Sarah Espinosa

Theory and Standards: Debating the New Framework for Information Literacy in Higher Education, Beth Boatright, Nina Collins, and Willie Miller

Information Literacy Framework for Higher Education: Strengthening Connections?, Beth Boatright and Willie Miller

Crowdsourcing History: Identifying Mystery Photographs, Denise Buhr and Jennifer Leone

Undergraduates Do Real Research? Using an Institutional Repository to Showcase and Promote Undergraduate Research, Creative Endeavor, and Undergraduate/ Faculty Collaborations, David C. Dunham


Faculty Development Centers and Libraries: United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Shannon F. Johnson and Ludwika Goodson


Dual Credit Programs and Impact on IL Instruction, Shannon F. Johnson, Lisa Jarrell, and Tiff Adkins

Submissions from 2014

MEDLINE and Beyond: Web-Based Databases, Fact-Finding and Research. Online course, Susan M. Anderson

On the Same Page: Combining Service Desks for a Single Point of Contact, Susan M. Anderson, Brian Bunnett, Sally Neal, and William Weare Jr


Promoting Open Access @ Your Library, Susan M. Anderson, Matthew Shaw, Tina Baich, Elizabeth Whipple, Cheri Smith, Shayna Beth Pekala, Franny Gaede, David Scherer, and Bradford Lee Eden


Getting Things Done: Techniques and Tech Tools for Productivity, Elizabeth Boatright


Tablets in Libraries: A Roundtable, Elizabeth Boatright and Shannon Johnson


Dual Credit Programs: Challenges for Academic Librarianship in the Sciences, Shannon F. Johnson, Tiff Adkins, and Lisa Jarrell


Digitizing Engineering Senior Design Project Reports, Florence Mugambi


Opportunity to Read, Opportunity to Succeed: Building a Village Library in Kenya, Florence Mugambi

Submissions from 2013

Creating and Communicating: Library Involvement in a Student Research Poster Symposium, Susan M. Anderson


Superheroes Revealed: Library Program Review, Susan M. Anderson and Cheryl B. Truesdell

What is Scholarly Communication and Open Access: An Introduction, Tina Baich, Dave Scherer, Cheri Smith, James Tolbert, Cheryl B. Truesdell, and Beth Whipple

Mobile Devices in the Academic Library, Beth Boatright and Shannon F. Johnson

Faculty Writing Circles: Freedom to Explore and Flourish, Ludwika Goodson, Martha Coussement, and Shannon F. Johnson

Advanced CINAHL Searching, Shannon F. Johnson

Fanfiction 101: Customizing Your Superheros., Shannon F. Johnson

I Really Wanted It—But What Do I Do With It? Effective Library Outreach With iPads., Shannon F. Johnson and Beth Overhauser

Getting All Children Reading: Establishing a Village Library in Kenya, Florence Mugambi


Open Access: A Brief Overview, Florence Mugambi

Examining Student Preferences for Instructional Delivery Methods, Instructor-Student Interaction Logistics, and Testing and Assessment Modalities, Florence Mugambi and Jospeter M. Mbuba

Submissions from 2012

Unpacking McKenzie’s and Howard’s Antidotes to Plagiarism with Processes, Resources, and Assignments, Ludwika A. Goodson and Shannon F. Johnson

All HAIL Information Literacy: Statewide Efforts to Organize Librarians Around Information Literacy (And Why It Matters to You), Shannon F. Johnson

Oooh, Shiny! Adapting services, engaging scholars, and stealing the spotlight with the iPad, Shannon F. Johnson and Beth Overhauser


Reading for Pleasure: Prevalence and Role on Academic Achievement Among Primary School Students in Ontulili Location of Kenya, Florence Mugambi

App-Ed(ucation): iPads, Innovation, and Increased Library-Faculty Engagement, Elizabeth Overhauser and Shannon F. Johnson

Submissions from 2011

Accessing the Past, Preserving the Future: Digitizing a Newspaper Collection, Denise Buhr and Jennifer Leone

Building Library Relationships in Ontulili: Towards an Effort to Establish a Community Library, Shannon F. Johnson and Florence Mugambi


MedPOWER: Teaming Up to Make a Difference, Shannon F. Johnson and Mary K. Ross

Before You Write: Six Keys to Success - Creating Self Contained Information Literacy Modules, Shannon F. Johnson and Tammy R. Toscos


Faculty and Librarian Collaboration in Online Instruction: Harnessing the Learning Management System, Shannon F. Johnson and Tammy R. Toscos

Back to the Future, 1981-2011: Thirty Years in the Life of a Librarian (or Two), Sue Skekloff and Margit Codispoti

Submissions from 2010

I Just Want Help: Students as the Focal Point to Integrating Academic Support in a Learning Commons, Tiff Adkins, Jane Ehle, Dawn Kennedy, and Mary Arnold Schwartz

Bowling Alone in the Library: Putnam's Thesis and the Library as Place, Margit Codispoti and Susan Frey

Building Liaison Relationships that Rock, Summer Durrant and Shannon F. Johnson

Crime and Disorder Control in Transitional Societies: The Role of Village Headmen and Administration Police in Rural Kenya, Florence Mugambi and Jospeter M. Mbuba

Understanding the Rise of Violent and Non-violent Crime in Kenyan Urban Neighborhoods, Florence Mugambi and Jospeter M. Mbuba

A True Hidden Heroine in Fort Wayne History: the Life and Work of Dr. Kathryn M. Whitten., Sue Skekloff


Raising the Profile of IU Scholarship: Institutional Repositories (and more) at IU, Cheryl B. Truesdell, Kimberly Thompson, and Sherri Michaels

Submissions from 2009

How Nancy Drew Helped Her Girl Readers of the 1950s Embrace Feminism, Margit Codispoti

From Storehouse to Clubhouse: Collection Management in the Library as Place, Margit Codispoti and Susan Frey

Who's Chatting Now? Bringing a Two-tiered Reference Model into the Chat Environment, Judith Garrison and Sue Skekloff

Commitment and Ethnographic Research: The Work of Fieldwork among the Huastecan Nahua in Mexico, Alan R. Sandstrom and Pamela Effrein Sandstrom

Huastecan Nahua Ethnic Identity, Processes of Globalization, and the Protestant Invasion, Pamela Effrein Sandstrom and Alan R. Sandstrom

Dr. Kathryn Whitten: Her Life, Her Novel, Sue Skekloff


Making Connections with Digital Projects, Cheryl B. Truesdell

Submissions from 2007

With a Little Help From My Friends: Creating a Local Government Documents Networking Group, Kirsten Leonard, Sally Holterhoff, and Judith Violette

Librarian House Call: Reaching Out to Associate Degree and Beginning Nursing Students, Stephanie J. Schulte

Marrying Nursing Informatics, Information Literacy, and Cultural Competency: The Librarian's Role in the Development of an Online Undergraduate Informatics Course, Stephanie J. Schulte and Linda Meyer

Harvesting for the Future: Indiana Light Archive for Federal Documents, Cheryl B. Truesdell, Lou Malcomb, and Katie Springer

Submissions from 2006

Collaboration with Librarians: What Does it Mean to Nursing Faculty, Stephanie J. Schulte and Pamela Sherwill

Serials Collection Management: A Cost/Benefit Analysis Approach, Cheryl B. Truesdell and Marla Baden

Women and Security: Information in Perilous Times, Cheryl B. Truesdell and Andrea Morrison

Submissions from 2005

Two-Tiered Reference Model Revisited After a Decade, Judith Garrison and Pamela E. Sandstrom

Submissions from 2003

Herding Cats: Librarians, Support Staff, and Faculty Learning Together, Tiff Adkins and Sue Skekloff

Virtual Government Information Resources Made Easy, Cheryl B. Truesdell and Judith Violette

Submissions from 2002

Cutting Edge or Bleeding Edge? Experience of a WINGS Development Partner, Cheryl B. Truesdell

Electronic Reserves and Copyright Management: IU and Purdue Advice and Consent, Cheryl B. Truesdell

Submissions from 1994

Reference by Appointment: Why and How One-On-One Instruction Works, Sue Skekloff

Submissions from 1988

The High School Student Group Visit: Outreach on a Shoestring, Sue Skekloff and Margit Codispoti