Creating and Communicating: Library Involvement in a Student Research Poster Symposium

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Summer 8-9-2013

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Indiana University Libraries Information Literacy Colloquium

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New Albany, IN, United States

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Indiana University Libraries Information Literacy Colloquium

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The Library’s role in the planning and hosting of the 2013 16th annual Student Research and Creative Endeavor Symposium demonstrated the impact of the library in the institution’s educational practices and celebration of student achievement, even outside the classroom.

For the first time, librarians were active on the planning committee for the symposium. Along with this change, the Symposium changed format from oral presentations to posters in 2013 and was held in the Learning Commons in the Library for the first time. The poster symposium fulfilled Learning Commons objectives of highlighting student achievement and modeling successful academic behavior as well as fostering collaboration with campus partners.

Librarians are frequently involved with students at the beginning stages of research—helping students formulate the right questions, find the best resources and critically evaluate the sources. The symposium was a unique opportunity to work with students on ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards Four and Five, competencies which represent the final stages of the research process.

ACRL Standard Four addresses using, organizing and articulating information to support the needs of the intended audience. The information literacy translation of these efforts include critical thinking, literacies variously defined as media literacy, transliteracy, or visual literacy and discussion and translation of results to accommodate the audience level.

ACRL Standard Five’s emphasis on understanding of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding information use and access meshes with stages of poster preparation and presentation from IRB approval to citations, bibliographies or permissions for use of images or other copyrighted materials. The inclusion of students’ posters in Opus, the campus open-access repository, was also an opportunity to make students aware of open access repositories and the university’s support of and benefits from the local repository. As a practical matter, the inclusion of student works in Opus also provide permanent links for resumes and school or job applications and highlight the importance of managing and tracking one’s body of scholarly work from the beginning .

Based on the very positive reviews, we will grow our work with student participants and faculty on interdisciplinary poster preparation workshops, incorporating poster presentations as a class assignment and creating learning and assessment activities for the audience and participants.


posters, poster symposium, high impact educational practices, ACRL


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