Faculty Writing Circles: Freedom to Explore and Flourish

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38th Annual Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network Conference

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Pittsburg, PA

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38th Annual Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network Conference

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Asked to launch a faculty writing circle, our Center joined faculty to shape its mission and give members a “safe space,” a “source of accountability” (Nole, Hart, Soled, 2010), and writing support. We will report on milestones, resulting publications and presentations, library collaboration, and university wide writing initiatives showing the circle's evolution into a community of practice and how it has “harnessed the multiplier effects of collaborative processes...building upon informal networks within entities” (Nagy & Burch, 2009). By comparing this circle to those at other universities, we also will explore strategies and conditions that stimulate scholarly writing and benefit stakeholders.

Topics: Faculty Professional Development, SoTL Audience: Faculty (conference attendees who are faculty and also part


faculty development, writing circles, CELT


Higher Education | Higher Education and Teaching | Library and Information Science | Teacher Education and Professional Development

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