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2014 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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2014 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition


The Ontulili Literacy Project’s mission is to promote literacy and academic success in a rural community in Kenya through a village library. The project is being undertaken through a partnership between the Ontulili Community and the Ontulili Literacy & Resource Center, Inc. and grant support from Rotary International among others. The community has several public primary and secondary schools but faces a major challenge of schools performing below average over many years. The library will offer students an opportunity to succeed by providing and facilitating access to resources needed, learning-friendly spaces and quality programming. In the past the project’s efforts have been focused on book donations from the United States to individual schools. However, this approach has not brought noticeable or desired improvement in performance which may be attributed to various limitations, that it is anticipated, the new approach will address. These efforts, challenges, limitations and opportunities will be shared during the presentation.


Libraries, Literacy, Reading, quality education, academic success


Library and Information Science