A Penny Saved; or... The Widow Rootstock, Fully Loded

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Pioneer Drama Service

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Englewood, Colorado


Dastardly villain Fourberie Blackguard visits the home of the Widow Rootstock, demanding she pay back money that the late Mr. Rootstock borrowed from him. (At least that's what he claims!) Of course, the poor widow doesn't have the money, leaving her no choice but to turn over the deed to the ranch. Luckily, the three Rootstock daughters aren't willing to give in so easily! The chase is on when young Penny swipes the deed and runs off to "the secret hiding place" with it! Blackguard tries every trick in the book to force the oldest daughter to fetch her sister and return the deed, but she's no shrinking Violet. Shirley is as clever as her sisters, so when she figures out she's being followed as she takes food to Penny, she lead Blackguard's sidekick on a hysterial, wild journey over hill and cliff. So with the girls so ably handling Blackguard's devious attempts, what is our hero, Deputy Dewey Dauntley, to do? Why he's out rescuing Biddy, the Rootstock's maid, from snakes, horses, bees and even chickens! Doesn't he understand that heroes are supposed to rescue heroines in melodramas?!


Melodrama, one-act play



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