Submissions from 2017

To Think Or to Blindly Follow: What Are We Actually Teaching Students in the Classroom?, Bahareh Javadizadeh and Hank B. Strevel

The Role of Intuition in Strategic Decision-Making: A Case Study on Three Kinds of Intuition, Hank B. Strevel

Empirical Insights into What Attracts the Millennials to the Environmentally Friendly Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Nichaya Suntornpithug and Susan King

Submissions from 2016

Group Grades: Creating a classroom context to unite, Grace Ann Rosile, Bahareh Javadazideh, Yanni Liang, Ruoqing Zhang, Elmira Shahriari, Hank B. Strevel, Steve DeGiulio, and Mark Walker

Submissions from 2015

Speak Up When Water is Muddy: An Uncertainty-Based Model Linking Politics Perceptions to Employee Voice, Chenwei Li and Jian Liang

Constructive Deviance as a Planned Behavior, Chenwei Li and Sun Li-yun

Submissions from 2014

Internationalization at Home (IaH) for a Regional University, Sheena Choi and Joseph N. Khamalah

Will Speaking up Get You Ahead? Boundary Conditions for the Promotive Voice - Employee Promotability Linkage, Chenwei Li and Yuntao Dong

Leaders’ Moral Emotions and Their Display of Ethical Leadership, Chenwei Li, Diane E. Johnson, and Keke Wu

The Differential Effects of Suggestion System Responsiveness and Interactional Justice on Upward Voice in China: Traditionality as the Boundary Condition, Changchun Xiang, Chenwei Li, and Lirong Long

Submissions from 2013

Internationalization of a Regional Campus, Sheena Choi, Myeong Hwan Kim, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Educational Needs and water related issues in developing nations., Solomon Isiorho

A Belt-and-Braces Approach to Promoting Employee Voice Behaviors, Changchun Xiang and Chenwei Li

Submissions from 2011

Electronic Decison Aids and Consumers' Product Cue Utilization: The Effect of Sorting and Comparison Tools, Gokhan Karaatli

Investigating the Impact of Mobile Marketing on Consumer Decision Process and Shopping Experience, Gokhan Karaatli, Jun Ma, and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Hiring Managers Perceptions of Online College Courses and Degrees,”, Susan King, Nichaya Suntornpithug, and Pasu Suntornpithug

Did Nation Branding through the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Change Young Chinese Consumers’ Perceptions toward Chinese Brands?, Huachen Sun and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Extending International Studies Program: Students as Foreign Marketing Consultants, Nichaya Suntornpithug

Person Interactivity’s Meaning in Online Shopping, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Daniel L. Sherrell

Submissions from 2010

Developing target staffing levels for a community mental center: A case study, J. Baumgartner and James S. Moore

“Did The Beijing Olympic Games Change Consumers’ Perceptions toward China and Its Product,” International Academy of Business and Economics, Nichaya Suntornpithug

Comparing Consumers’ Attitudes toward China and Its Products Before and After the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Pasu Suntornpithug

Understanding the Role of Entrepreneurial Quality and National Culture on the Economic Development, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Jun Ma

Submissions from 2009

CVAR-Constrained Multi-period Power Portfolio Optimization with Transmission Considerations. Risk Modeling in Energy Markets Track, Cigdem Z. Gurgur

Design of Open Pit Mine Production Planning at Mclaughlin Gold Mine, Cigdem Z. Gurgur

Permission Marketing: Email's Off-Line Sales Response, Susan King and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Enhancing Student Learning through Collaborative Research on Active Learning, Karen M. Leonard

The Role of Service-Learning in Business Education, Karen M. Leonard

Do Loyal Customers Forgive Your Mistakes?, Jun Ma, Nichaya Suntornpithug, and Gokhan Karaatli

Strategic orientation of university departments and knowledge commercialization, Jun Ma and Zelimir W. Todorovic

A goal programming approach to a media mix advertising plan: A case study of a private-practice health care provider, A. Pagan and James S. Moore

Measuring Nation Branding Effects on the Country’s Image, Perceived Product Quality, Product Attitudes & and Purchase Intention, Nichaya Suntornpithug

The Role of Nation Branding on Consumer’s Product Evaluations, Attitudes toward the Product and Purchase Intentions, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Gokhan Karaatli, and Jun Ma

University of The Future: Connecting Campus And Entrepreneur Through Trust Building Process, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Writing executive summaries: An interdisciplinary examination, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Marietta Frye

Strategic orientation of university departments and knowledge commercialization, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Jun Ma

Universities and Family Businesses Linkages: Towards More Effectual Edifice, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Jun Ma

Submissions from 2008

A Case Study of Data Communication Outsourcing: A Vendor's Perspective of Optimal Client Mix Determination., A. Burge and James S. Moore

Management of Knowledge Transfer: The Importance of Social Construction and Context, Karen M. Leonard and S. Byrne

Explicating Social Support at Work: Scale Development with a 12-country Cross-national Comparison of Measurement invariance/equivalence, Karen M. Leonard, D. Ford, R. Bhagat, B. Krishnan, P. Steverson, and T. Billing

Ethical Values in the Workplace: Individual Values and Organizational Culture, Karen M. Leonard, E. Gaydos, and John F. Wellington

Good News, Bad News Case Study, Karen M. Leonard and E. Leonard

Team Performance and Satisfaction: An Investigation into the Effect of Group Types, Karen M. Leonard, G. Metts, and A. Syed-Makander

Cultural Effects on Accounting Practice and Investment Decisions, Karen M. Leonard, Michael D. Slaubaugh, and H. C. Wang

Creating Relevant Critical Thinking Projects, Karen M. Leonard, Zelimir W. Todorovic, and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Transformational Teaching and Active Learning, Karen M. Leonard, Z. W. Todorovic, Nichaya Suntornpithug, and J. Wellington

Determination of a Preferred Supplier Matrix for Raytheon: A Goal Programming Approach, S. Markus and James S. Moore

Transformational Teaching and Active Learning Presentation, K. Moustafa, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Zelimir W. Todorovic, and J. Wellington

Tapping into the Chinese Little Emperors: the future of China's Consumer Market, Nichaya Suntornpithug

Multi-dimensional Drivers of Effective Ads for Luxury Global Brands in China, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Jun Ma, and J. Heyde

Connecting Universities with the Entrepreneur-Lead Firms: Discussion of University-Entrepreneur Interaction Framework, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Re-Thinking The Purchasing Involvement Construct, Robert W. Veryzer and Gokhan Karaatli

Preparing for a Maintenance Team Visit - Lessons Learned (Perspectives from Visited Schools), John F. Wellington

Sensitivity Analysis of MSAE Regression Model: A Generalization, John F. Wellington

Sensitivity Analysis of the MSAE Regression Result: Post-optimality Analysis of the LHS Coefficients, John F. Wellington

Will Decision Sciences Abolish Man?, John F. Wellington and C. Cosans

Marketing Implications of Valuating Residential Properties Using Regression Methods, John F. Wellington and M. Messina

Promotional Implications of Mass Appraisal, John F. Wellington and M. Messina

Submissions from 2007

A Goal Programming Approach to Mutual Fund Portfolio Allocation: The Case of Load Funds., D. Baumgardner and James S. Moore

Ideas in Student Cartoons on Business and Society, Christopher Cosans and John F. Wellington

A Deterministic Model of Asset Allocation for Retirement Planning, K. Gounder and James S. Moore

Business Negotiations and Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: Asymmetric Probability of Misperception Between Players, Lawrence J. Haber, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Nicholas Malin-Adams

Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma with Asymmetric Probability of Misperception Between the Players, Lawrence J. Haber, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Nicholas Malin-Adams


Permission Marketing: Marketing Communications, Customer Response and Sales Effectiveness, Susan King and Nichaya Suntornpithug

If Leadership can be Learned, What is the Best Way to Teach, Karen M. Leonard

Media Effectiveness in a Classroom Setting: Media Richness Theory and Retention, Karen M. Leonard

Misbehavior in the Workplace: When is it Bullying?, Karen M. Leonard

What About the Dress Code?, Karen M. Leonard

Exploratory Research into the Interrelationship of Industry Competitive Forces, Environmental Scanning, and Internal Factors and Resources, G. A. Metts

Impact of Implementing ISO 9000 in a Developing Economy: An Empirical Study on Bangladesh, Maneesh Sharma and Ahmad Karim

Utilizing Mobile Marketing to Improve Customer Experience Anytime-anyplace: A Buyer-decision Process Approach, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Gokhan Karaatli

Exploring Project Management Issues Faced by a Manager of an International Multifunctional Team, Nichaya Suntornpithug and P Kulkarni

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Its Dimensions within Canadian Universities, Zelimir W. Todorovic

When Does an Entrepreneur Become a Manager - The Alignment of Entrepreneurial Style to the Needs of the Organization, Zelimir W. Todorovic

Understanding Incubators and Their Role in Tenant Firm Development, Zelimir W. Todorovic and K. Meyer

Understanding University-based Incubator Activity: In Search of Optimal Tenant Firm Duration Period, Zelimir W. Todorovic and K. Meyer

Writing Effective Executive Summaries an Interdisciplinary Examination, Zelimir W. Todorovic and M. Wolczacka-Frye

An Overview of the Minimum Sum of Absolute Errors Regression, J. F. Wellington and S. C. Narula

Regression Quantiles and Data Analysis, John F. Wellington and Subsash C. Narula

China: Growing Economic and Political Power - A Panel Discussion, John F. Wellington, Michael D. Slaubaugh, and M. J. Messina

Operations Strategy in Small Service Firms: The Case of Northeastern Indiana and Northwestern Ohio, Euphemia Wiss, Glenn Metts, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Submissions from 2006

Business Negotiations and Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: A Simulation, Lawrence J. Haber, Nicholas Malin-Adams, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Developing a Successful Global Team, P. Kulkarni and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Revisit Acculturation Model among Hispanic Consumers, R. McGregor and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Person Interactivity’s Meaning in Online Shopping: Is It the Same as That of Social Telepresence, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Activity Stages Of University-Based Incubators – A Proposed Conceptual Framework, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Nichaya Suntornpithug

University-Based Incubators – Towards a Multi-Dimensional Framework, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Submissions from 2005

Connecting Ivory Tower to the Real World: A Partnership with the Entrepreneur!”, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

The University of the Future: Connecting Entrepreneur-Lead Firms with Universities to Make a Difference, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Submissions from 2004

Healthsouth: Where Do We Go From Here, Nichaya Suntornpithug

How Does Total Quality Management Fit in Small Family Businesses?, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Bangalore Lingaraj

Submissions from 2000

A Model of the Antecedents of Desirable Consumer Behaviors in Business-to-Consumer Electronic Commerce, Lei-da Chen and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Interactivity as the Driving Force behind E-Commerce, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Lei-da Chen