Submissions from 2017

Down but not out: The role of narrative identity and resources in transitioning through homelessness, Mortaza Zare, John Ross, Hank B. Strevel, and Nourah Alfayez

Submissions from 2016

Using quantum storytelling to bridge appreciative inquiry to socio-economic approach to intervention research, David M. Boje and Hank B. Strevel

Submissions from 2015


Investigation of Leader Motive Between Transformational Leadership and Pro-Social Voice: An Empirical Study in China, Chenwei Li and Keke Wu


Connecting Campus and Entrepreneur through Trust Building Process: An Initial Study toward Understanding University of the Future, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Submissions from 2013

What Do Employers Expect Business School Graduates to Know About Information Technology, Prasad Bingi, Ahmad Karim, and Ali Rassuli

Business Basics and Perspectives 2nd Edition, Ahmed Rachdi, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Gail A. Rathbun

Business Plan Project Guide, 2nd Edition, Ahmed Rachdi, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Gail A. Rathbun

My Business Plan Workbook, Ahmed Rachdi, Gail A. Rathbun, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Investigating the Impact of Economic Uncertainties on Attendance of Premier League Soccer in the United Kingdom and Major League Soccer in the United States, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Ross Peterman

Submissions from 2012

The Effects of Electronic Decision Aids on Consumers' Cue Utilization in Product Evaluations, Gokhan Karaatli and Robert W. Veryzer

A Survey of Critical Knowledge and Skills of Business School Graduates: Employer Perspectives, ALI RASSULI, Prasad Bingi, Ahmad Karim, and Otto H. Chang

The Contributory Role of Professionalism in Shaping Contingent Workers’ OCB, Ali Rassuli, Ahmad Karim, and Prasad Bingi


Investigating Customers’ Perceptions towards Text Messaging Services as a CRM Medium, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Pasu Suntornpithug

Submissions from 2011

New Temples of India: Singapore and India Collaboration in IT Parks, Prasad Bingi

Examining Media Effectiveness Across Cultures and National Borders: A Review and Multilevel Framework, Karen M. Leonard

Bank Performance Prediction During the 'Great Recession' of 2008-'09: A Pattern-Recognition Approach, James S. Moore

Submissions from 2010

Investigating Mobile Services’ Impact on Consumer Shopping Experience and Consumer Decision-Making, Gokhan Karaatli, Jun Ma, and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Organizational Stress, Psychological Strain, and Work Outcomes in Six National Contexts: A Closer Look at the Moderating Influences of Coping Styles and Decision Latitude, Karen M. Leonard, R. S. Bhagat, B. Krishnan, T. A. Nelson, D. L. Ford, and T. K. Billing

Temporal Orientation and Its Relationships with Organizationally Valued Outcomes: Results from a 14-Country Investigation, Karen M. Leonard, T. K. Billing, R. S. Bhagat, and A. Lammel

Using Market Orientation as a Dynamic Capability within the University, Jun Ma and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Investigating Relationships Between Organizational Commitment, Employee Empowerment, Customer Intelligence and Customer Relationship Performance Among Small Service Firms, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Gokhan Karaatli, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Machine and Person Interactivity: The Driving Forces Behind Influences of Consumers' Willingness to Purchase Online, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Joseph N. Khamalah

Revisiting the Concept of Person Interactivity through Social Psychology and Social Telepresence Theory, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Zelimir W. Todorovic

Resolving the Paradox of Enterprising Communities in Eastern Europe, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Jun Ma

Submissions from 2009

Do Arbitrators Use Just Cause Standards in Deciding Discharge and Discipline Cases?, David A. Dilts and James S. Moore

Mid-Cycle Capital Planning Optimization, Cigdem Z. Gurgur

Optimal Project Portfolio Selection with Carryover Constraint, Cigdem Z. Gurgur

Culture and Communication: Cultural Variations and Media Effectiveness, Karen M. Leonard

How Non-Americans View American Use of Time: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Karen M. Leonard and R. S. Bhagat


Mobile Advertising: Does It Work For Everyone, Jun Ma, Nichaya Suntornpithug, and Gokhan Karaatli

A Public Policy on the Use of Target-date Funds, Geralyn M. Miller

ASPPA Joins The Employee Benefit Research Institute Board, Geralyn M. Miller

Retirement Facilitators: Policy Considerations For Increasing The Role Of The States In Assisting With Retirement Savings, Geralyn M. Miller

Investigating Nation Branding Effects on Attitudes towards the Country's Products and Purchase Intention, Nichaya Suntornpithug, Gokhan Karaatli, and Jun Ma

Multi-Dimensional Nature of University-Based Incubators - Towards an Enhanced Understanding, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Nichaya Suntornpithug

Submissions from 2008

Cultural variations in individual performance effectiveness: Implications for I/O psychology in the 21st century, R. S. Bhagat, J. Van Scotter, P. Steverson, and Karen M. Leonard

Labor Negotiations, Misperceptions and Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma, Lawrence J. Haber, Nicholas Malign-Adams, and Joseph N. Khamalah

A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Temporal Orientation in Work Organizations: A Differentiation Matching Approach, Karen M. Leonard

The Minimum Wage: Ethics and Productivity, Karen M. Leonard


Trust and the Manager-Subordinate Dyad: Virtual Work as a Unique Context, Karen M. Leonard

Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage: An Implications Side-bar for 'Mom & Pop' Employers, James S. Moore

An Overview of the Minimum Sum of Absolute Errors Regression, Subhash C. Narula and John F. Wellington

Don't Give Them the Fish, Show Them How to Fish: Framework of Market-Driven Entrepreneurship in Thailand, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Pasu Suntornpithug

When Does an Entrepreneur Become a Manager - The Alignment of Entrepreneurial Style to the Needs of the Organization, Zelimir W. Todorovic

Entrepreneurial and Market Orientation Relationship to Performance: The Multicultural Perspective, Zelimir William Todorovic and Jun Ma

A Review of the Minimum Wage Regulation Effect: The Resource-Based View Perspective, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Jun Ma

An Entrepreneur and a Leader!: A Framework Conceptualizing the Influence of Leadership Style on a Firm's Entrepreneurial Orientation-- Performance Relationship, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Francine K. Schlosser

Influence of prior acquaintance with the ratee on rater accuracy and halo: Implications for assessment centers, J. R. Van Scotter, Karen M. Leonard, J. R. Burnett, and P. G. Michael

Submissions from 2007

Utilizing Mobile Marketing to Improve Customer Experience Anytime-anyplace: A Buyer-Decision Process Approach, Gokhan Karaatli and Nichaya Suntornpithug

TQM in the Service Sector: A Survey of Small Businesses, Joseph N. Khamalah and Bangalore P. Lingaraj

Wrongful Discharge?, Karen M. Leonard, E. Leonard, and R. Cook


Assessing Multidimensional and Hierarchical Structure of SERVQUAL, Jun Ma, Milton Harvey, and Michael Hu

Measuring the Effectiveness of Managerial Action in SMEs: An Empirical Analysis of Management's Response to Industry Competitive Forces, Glenn A. Metts

Person Interactivity's Meaning in Online Shopping,, Nichaya Suntornpithug and Daniel L. Sherrell

The Framework of Static and Dynamic Components: An Examination of Entrepreneurial Orientation and University Ability to Teach Entrepreneurship, Zelimir W. Todorovic

Entrepreneurial Orientation and its Dimensions Within Public Universities, Zelimir William Todorovic

The Effect of Culture, Resources and Quality of Entrepreneurship on Economic Development: A Conceptual Framework, Zelimir W. Todorovic and Rod B. McNaughton

Web-based Simulator for Supply Chain Management, Emmanuel Udoh and Prasad Bingi


Measuring the Cost of Lifestyle, John F. Wellington and J. M. Messina

Submissions from 2006

Societal Application of Information Technology, Prasad Bingi

Organizational slack time as competitive advantage: Initial considerations, Karen M. Leonard

Expert System Approach to Growth-oriented Equity Mutual Fund Performance, James S. Moore

Entrepreneurial Charisma: A Key to Employee Identification?, Francine K. Schlosser and Zelimir William Todorovic


Intellectual property asset management: A new dimension of business leadership, F. Segars and Karen M. Leonard

Submissions from 2005


Benchmarking Culture and Performance in Chinese Organizations, Rajendar Garg and Jun Ma

The Experience of Manufacturing Firms with the Implementation of Different Production Philosophies: A United States Survey, Ahmad Karim and Yunus Kathawala

Perceived usefulness of stress management strategies and their implementation: An empirical investigation, Ahmad Karim, Ali Mir, and Prasad Bingi

Making University Departments More Entrepreneurial: The Perspective from Within, Zelimir William Todorovic, Rob B. McNaughton, and Paul D. Guild

Performance Perceptions of Organizational Citizenship Behaviours at Work: a Bi-Level Study among Managers and Employees, David L. Turnipseed and Ali Rassuli

Submissions from 2004

Building Relationships Between Business Schools and Students: An Empirical Investigation into Student Retention, P. T. Adidam, Prasad Bingi, and B. Sindhav

The Role of Subjective Culture in Organizations: Progress and Pitfalls Twenty Years Later, R. S. Bhagat, B. L. Kedia, L. M. Perez, and Karen M. Leonard

Total Quality Management in Small Well-Established Service Businesses, Bangalore P. Lingaraj and Joseph N. Khamalah

Appreciation in Capitalization of Domestic Growth Firms: A Pattern Recognition Approach, James S. Moore

Influential Factors in Exporting to Mexico: The Case of Medium-Size U.S. Electronic Components Manufacturers, Zoher Shipchandler and James S. Moore

The Framework of Static and Dynamic Components: An Examination of Entrepreneurial Orientation and University Ability to Teach Entrepreneurship, Zelimir W. Todorovic

Submissions from 2003

A Study of Quality Management in Small Organizations Providing Services Directed at People, Joseph N. Khamalah and Bangalore P. Lingaraj

Knowledge in Cross-Cultural Management in the Era of Globalization: Where Do We Go from Here?, Karen M. Leonard, R. S. Bhagat, R. Baliga, and B. Krishnan

Punctuality or pettiness: Are rules meant to be broken?, Karen M. Leonard and T. R. Miller

Too intelligent for the Job? The Validity of Upper Limit Cognitive Test Scores in Selection, Karen M. Leonard and T. R. Miller

Quality Management in Small Service Firms: A Survey of Financial Services Organizations, Bangalore P. Lingaraj, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Robert F. Palevich

Submissions from 2002

TQM in the Food Service Sector, Bangalore P. Lingaraj and Joseph N. Khamalah

Sensitivity Analysis for Predictor Variables in the MSAE Regression, Subhash C. Narula and John F. Wellington

Submissions from 2001

Determining Resource Needs for Specialty Ambulatory Clinics using Classification/Assignment Methods, Joseph N. Khamalah and David A. Dilts

A Team Learning Model for Business Courses, Bangalore P. Lingaraj and Joseph N. Khamalah

The Impact of Communication Media Characteristics on Information Acquisition and Favorability of Attitutdes Toward the Navy, James Van Scotter, David Allen, Robert Otondo, Prashant Palvia, and Karen M. Leonard

Submissions from 2000

The Challenges Facing Global E-Commerce, Prasad Bingi, Ali Mir, and Joseph N. Khamalah

Good Soldiers and Their Syndrome: Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the Work Environment, David L. Turnipseed and Gene Murkison

Submissions from 1999

Measuring Consumers' Attitudes toward Web Advertising, N. Sukpanich and Lei-da Chen

History and Evaluation of Boeing's Coalition Strategy with Japan in Aircraft Development and Production, David L. Turnipseed, Ali Rassuli, Ron Sardessai, and Carol Park

Submissions from 1996

Business Law, Joseph N. Khamalah and George Omondi

Risk Management and Insurance, Joseph N. Khamalah and George Omondi

Submissions from 1995

Using Cluster Analysis for Medical Resource Decision Making, David A. Dilts, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Ann Plotkin

Submissions from 1994

Clinical Low Vision Resource Usage Prediction, David A. Dilts, Joseph N. Khamalah, and Ann Plotkin

What's wrong when materials and accounting records don't agree?, Karen M. Leonard

Submissions from 1990

Baer Field: The Facts, Thomas L. Guthrie, George Bullion, and Zoher Shipchandler

Service management concepts in hospitals, Karen M. Leonard

Submissions from 1983

Housing Survey and HMDA Data Analysis, Zoher Shipchandler