Submissions from 2017


Student Editors Improve a Strength of Materials Textbook, Barry Dupen

Submissions from 2016

Value Creation by Sustainable Manufacturing, Matthew Franchetti, Behin Elahi, and Somik Ghose

Determining the Role of Attentional Control among Construction Workers in Improving Safety Performance, Atefeh Mohammadpour, Somayeh Asadi, and Ebrahim Karan

Challenges and Opportunities in Microgrid and Solar Photovoltaic System Construction, David R. Riley, Kevin Wright, Atefeh Mohammadpour, and Parhum Delgoshaei


Revealing Student Misconceptions and Instructor Blind Spots with Muddiest Point Formative Feedback, Cindy Waters, Stephen Krause, Janet Callahan, Barry Dupen, Mary Vollaro, and Peggy Weeks

Submissions from 2015

Using Building Energy Simulation and Geospatial Analysis to Determine the Building and Transportation Related Energy Use, Ebrahim Karan, Somayeh Asadi, Atefeh Mohammadpour, Mehrzad V. Yousefi, and David Riley

Measuring End- User Satisfaction in the Design of Building Projects Using Eye-Tracking Technology, Atefeh Mohammadpour, Ebrahim Karan, Somayeh Asadi, and Ling Rothrock


Implementing Eye Tracking Technology in the Construction Process, Mehrzad V. Yousefi, Ebrahim Karan, Atefeh Mohammadpour, and Somayeh Asadi

Submissions from 2014

Reaching Today's Learners by Engaging Undergraduates in Editing a New Textbook, Barry Dupen

Submissions from 2013


How to Improve a Textbook with Engineering Technology Students, Barry Dupen


How to Write a Textbook in Ten Easy Steps, Barry Dupen

Submissions from 2011

Contemporary Issues of Diversity in ET Programs, Ramesh V. Narang

Global Competence of Developing Countries in Engineering Education, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.

Natural Organic Fiber Meshes as Reinforcements in Cement Mortar Matrix, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.

Submissions from 2010


Designing User-Friendly Handouts for a Fluid Power Class, Barry Dupen

Balancing WIP and Throughput with Machine Utilization in a Manufacturing Facility, Ramesh V. Narang

Comparison Between As-Built and As-Designed Reliability Indices of Highway Bridges, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.


Reserve Strength on Highway Bridges, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.


Implementing LEED Course in the Bachelors Program, Reynaldo Pablo Jr., Jaby Mohammed, and Sana Nawaz

Submissions from 2009

Graphical Data Presentation Techniques for Freshmen, Barry Dupen

Teaching Graphical Data Presentation Techniques in an Introductory Materials Course, Barry Dupen

An Energy Esthetic for Interior Design, Matt Kubik

Designer & Construction Supervisor, Matt Kubik

Energy Conservation Principles for Interior Designers, Matt Kubik

Reduction of Operating Energy: A Design Imperative for Interior Designers, Matt Kubik

Reduction of Operating Energy as an Ethical Imperative for Interior Designers, Matt Kubik

Social Transformation for Sustainable Design: Problems and Prospects, Matt Kubik and Patrick J. Ashton

Education and Workforce Development, Regina Leffers

Designing Sustainability into Residential Construction, Regina Leffers and Matt Kubik

Teaching Mechanical Design Failure Theories with Use of CAD, Zhongming Liang

Concepts to Realization, Jaby Mohammed

Correlating Significance between Knowledge based Engineering and Axiomatic Design, Jaby Mohammed and Jared May

Developing Product Design Requirements Using Kano Model, Ramesh V. Narang and Jihad Albayyari

Curtainwall Design as a Civil Engineering Elective Course, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.

Learning Bridge Design and Evaluation, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.

Quality Assurance Practices of Engineering and Technology Education in the US, Reynaldo Pablo Jr.

Submissions from 2008

The Center for the Built Environment at IPFW and The Northeast Indiana Green Build Coalition and Habitat for Humanity collaborate to create a Sustainable Residential Construction Project , M. Regina Leffers

Submissions from 2007

Justification for Developing a Masters of Science in Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Jihad Albayyari, Harold L. Broberg, and Bimal Nepal

Engineering Analysis in the MET Dynamics Course, Zhongming Liang

An Innovative Approach of Team-Teaching Measurement Uncertainty and Metrology, Ramesh V. Narang

An Industrial Project Management Course for Technology Curriculum, Bimalm P. Nepal and Jihad M. Albayyari

Lean Product Development: An Approach to Achieve Ford's Global Product Development System Milestones, Bimalm P. Nepal, L. Monplaisir, R. Hammond, M. Wrobel, A. D'hondt, and G. Herr

Resource Optimization of Repetitive Construction Operations for High-Rise Buildings Using Simulation, Essam Zaneldin and Suleiman Ashur

Submissions from 2006

A Specific Instructor Evaluation (SPIE), David P. Devine

Submissions from 2005

ExCEEd Impact on a New Professor, David P. Devine

Public Records as a Source for Assessment Data, David P. Devine and Bruce Franke

Course and Program Assessment - Methodology for Continuous Improvement, Ramesh V. Narang

Submissions from 2004

The Right Assignment, David P. Devine

An Approach to Teach and Implement Lean Manufacturing, Ramesh V. Narang