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2015 ASC 51st Annual International Conference

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College Station, TX

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51st ASC Annual International Conference Proceedings


During the last decade, eye tracking technology has undergone rapid development and growth that has increased its popularity amongst practitioners and researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. In spite of widespread applications of eye tracking in the computing and human factor domains, considerably less attention has been paid to the potential of this technology to improve the design and construction processes. Currently, the ability of using eye trackers in construction applications is limited due to the lack of knowledge about this technology and its potential benefits. This paper provides an overview and guidance for the implementation of eye tracking technology in the construction process. The description of the technology and its current applications are also provided, with a brief discussion of potential application and the limitations. A description of a use case example is provided to investigate the use of eye tracking technology to measure and analyze the end-user satisfaction in the design process. This study provides the construction industry with information about how to design an eye tracking experiment and analyze the data generated by the eye tracking tools.


Eye Tracking, Data Collection, Visual Attraction Experiment, Construction Management


Construction Engineering and Management | Manufacturing