Agile Value Creation and Co-evolution in Global Supply Chains. In Customer-Oriented Global Supply Chains: Concepts for Effective Management

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Customer-Oriented Global Supply Chains: Concepts for Effective Management

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Today’s global economy requires that companies and their supply chains become more agile and lean to address the changing customers’ requirements and market. A global customer-oriented supply chain network cannot be successful without agility and co-evolution. The literature on design, operation, evolution, and agile management of supply chains for such an economy is growing rapidly. However, existing research does not seem to reflect the co-evolutions of different segments of supply chains. This chapter sheds light on the concept of co-evolution and its application in supply chain management, as well as how it can contribute to creating value for all customers. It is worth mentioning that co-evolution and agility are ongoing processes. As technology changes and market varies, new challenges in terms of agility appear and companies should address them and modify their approach accordingly.


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