Rasch validation analysis of the reduced integrated music interest survey for project based learning courses

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Ohio River Valley Objective Measurement Seminar

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Lexington, KY


The purpose of this study is to further examine the validity of the Integrated Music Interest Survey (IMIS). The IMIS was distributed to a group of pre-service elementary school teachers for the purposes of evaluating the teachers in a project-based learning course. Previous analysis conducted by Setari, Egger, and Bradley (2015), reduced the survey using a factor reduction strategy; however, issues were found to still exist with redundancy of item difficulties. In this study, a partial-credit Rasch model analysis was conducted on the reduced IMIS with the redundant items identified in Setari et al. (2015) removed. Results of this analysis show that the newly reduced IMIS had acceptable levels of item-reliability (.91) and person-reliability (.81). Item difficulties ranged between -1.84 and 1.36, and all items had appropriate fit. The results of the analysis suggest that harder to endorse items need to be added to the reduced IMIS in future renditions. The reduced IMIS with additional validation efforts has the potential to be implemented in project-based learning courses as part of a summative evaluation process. Policy makers interested in applying cost-effective course evaluations may be interested in the results of the study.


Music | Music Education

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