Treating Temporal Disturbances with Creative Arts Therapies

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2016 Expressive Therapies Summit

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New York, NY

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Disorder can be identified as disorganization of sequence, rate, and/or temporal perspective, which are the basic components of psychological time. It follows then that restoring temporal order should be the overarching treatment goal (Sears, 2007). For clients frozen in the past, anxious of the future, or focused on internal stimuli, engagement in the creative arts provides opportunities to get grounded in the present while simultaneously experiencing temporal regulation and movement towards health. The teaching team of this Master Class will discuss how this concept of time applies to their work with clients impacted by trauma, eating disorders, substance abuse, and other mental health issues, and how these disorders reflect disruptions of time. Participants will engage in a variety of exercises designed to demonstrate how the creative process can influence temporal perception, and the ways in which art and music therapy are effective in regulating temporal order.


Art Therapy | Music | Music Therapy

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