NCLEX Readiness-Remediation Across the Curriculum: Begin with the End in Mind

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NCLEX® Across the Curriculum 2015: Helping faculty find success today!

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Altamonte Springs, FL

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Nursing faculty are sometimes challenged when leading students to successful completion of nursing exams including the NCLEX. It is essential that faculty identify specific learning barriers for students who are challenged with nursing exams. Nursing faculty have reported various methods of remediation to enhance students’ readiness for taking nursing exams in preparation for the NCLEX. Although test review sessions, guided imagery, and assessments of learning styles are common strategies reported by faculty to provide remediation for students who are preparing for nursing exams, the literature reveals minimal evidence to support these strategies. Nursing faculty at IPFW have expanded on common remediation strategies. Test review sessions using a model to analyze sample test questions, emphasis on students practicing online exams, and scheduled advising sessions with faculty are examples of remediation tools used by faculty IPFW to strengthen students’ preparation for taking nursing exams. In addition, students newly admitted to the program who earn marginal entrance exam scores agree to a contract for close monitoring and collaboration with faculty to assure nursing program success. Incorporating standardized proctored and non-proctored standardized tests are also included throughout the undergraduate nursing curriculum at IPFW. Graduating nursing students have provided positive feedback after attending a focused NCLEX Review session offered in their last semester. With these strategies in place, nursing students at IPFW earn standardized proctored exams and NCLEX scores that have remained consistently above the percentile ranks for national and similar programs.



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