Quantitative or Qualitative? Choosing the Best Fit Method for Gaining New Insight About What Matters to Residents in Nursing Homes

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Spring 4-17-2017

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Midwest Nursing Research Society

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Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN


An intense focus on quality of care in nursing homes has led to improved resident care during the past decade largely because of integration of person-centered care strategies. National organizations continue to provide innovative ideas for nursing homes to use when changing the nursing home culture to simulate residents' living at home. Although a shift in culture is occurring in many nursing homes, things that matter from residents' perspectives need investigation. The purpose of this qualitative study was to describe things that matter to residents while living in nursing homes. A quantitative method derived from the Relationship Theory measuring variables of empathy, consistency, and reliability was initially considered for this study. However, the decision to use a qualitative research design emerged during the research process. An iterative process using conventional content analysis revealed findings of residents' positive and negative experiences that provided ideas for expanding on current person-centered care strategies used in nursing homes.


qualitative research, qualitative descriptive, nursing homes, relationship theory, person-centered care


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