Digital Landscape: Embracing the Reality

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Fall 10-12-2012

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3rd International Conference on Education & Educational Psychology

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Istanbul, Turkey

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Educators must be responsive to industry’s dynamic, technology rich environment. It is important for universities to move beyond expecting graduates to have isolated technology skills. Designing curricula that will produce graduates who are comfortable using technology and possess the ability to interpret, analyze and synthesize data requires a different approach to education. The paper focuses on the various technologies integrated in a graduate course designed to prepare nurse educators to work in both academic and clinical environments. Best practices, evidence-based methods and integrated concepts from a requisite informatics course were foundational in the course assignments that focused on the implementation of technology infused teaching methods. Learning objects were created by the faculty and students using social media such as avatars, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, and Facebook to harness co-creation concepts. Desktop recording software, rich media files, collaboration technologies, and 3D presentations were used by the course faculty for instructional method and by the students in the design of their course work. Student assignments included the development of high fidelity simulations, electronic health record case studies, e-portfolios, and the creation of interfaces to educate undergraduate students on the rigors of various topics related to informatics.

Emerging and evolving technologies will continue to cause shifts in education paradigms. As university professors, we see education quite differently from the new-age students. Our ideologies and assumptions are challenged by the notion that education is to train a workforce. Regardless of discipline, we are charged with educating the future workforce; that audience embraces the technology revolution. Along the way, if we can engage the students through technology, then they may find that the goal of education is to help them think differently by interpreting, analyzing and creating.


Technolgy, Teaching, Social Media


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Methods | Nursing

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