Millinnals educated and empowered with technology

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Fall 9-24-2011

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11th Annual National Lilly Conference on College Teaching and Learning

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Traverse City, MI

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How do faculty meet the “net generation” learning needs? The challenge of engaging students was accomplished in this senior leadership course using a variety of strategies. Course requirements included a classroom presentation, multimedia applications, and a quality improvement project completed in a 90 hour practicum. Student-developed websites will be featured and evaluated for design, flow, evidence-based information, credibility, currency, and relevancy to practice. Learning outcomes will be assessed using undergraduate curriculum foundations. Participants will be invited to share strategies that were successful for them in engaging the net generation in meaningful coursework.


net generation learning neads, engaging students, student-developed websites, active learning, learning outcomes


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Instructional Media Design | Nursing

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