Telehealth Wound Applications: Barriers, Solutions, and Future Use by Nurse Practitioners

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Fall 2017

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Online Journal of Nursing Informatics


Telehealth applications are an emerging technology in a new era of telemedicine within health care systems. Although telehealth technologies, including a number of different applications, are utilized by various members of the health care team, Nurse Practitioners utilize them for a variety of patients’ issues across healthcare settings. The Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Computer Science Department has recently developed a wound scanning application, WoundView, for nurse practitioners to utilize in different healthcare settings. Such telehealth mobile applications are used in clinics, home health, rural, and remote settings where a physician may not be readily available. However, there are problems with current practice of using telehealth technologies. There is a dire need for evidence-based research supporting attainable solutions for these barriers. Extensive, ongoing research will allow Nurse Practitioners to anticipate an immense mainstream implementation of telehealth applications in the very near future.


telemedicine, nurse practitioner, wounds, barriers, mobile applications


Analytical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques and Equipment | Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing

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