What's the Meaning of Life? There's an App for That

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Winter 1-2012

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American Association of Philosophy Teachers

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Austin, TX


The use of mobile devices is not for the kind of teacher who prefers to be the sage on the stage. Mobile devices allow the student to become a colleague in the content of the course, which results in higher engagement because they have a greater ownership in the content. This session will cover the use of mobile devices as a means to enhance student learning. Last semester I ran a proof of concept course where my Modern Philosophy students were all given iPads to use for the entire semester. In this session I will share my experience using mobile devices and explain why they are more transformative to the classroom than a laptop or computer. If mobile devices are used as a strict substitution model (replacing a text with an e-text) then student learning outcomes are not dramatically increased. However, if the mobile devices are used to re-design curriculum and re-envision course content, then student learning outcomes are better met with the mobile device than without it. I will show specific examples of enhanced student collaboration using iThoughts HD (mind mapping application) and Dropbox (cloud storage); student engagement using iMovie to produce a comedic two minute philosophy sketch and the use of digital exams that incorporated YouTube videos, critical thinking from the utilization flipped classrooms (assigning lectures as homework), and a multi-disciplinary approach to their final research paper, which was done as an iMovie. Attendees will participate in several hands-on tutorials in all the above-mentioned activities. 5 iPads will be used in a workshop.


technology, humanities, iPad, mobile, philosophy


Curriculum and Instruction | Philosophy

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