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Summer 7-24-2012

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2012 Topical Conference on Laboratory Instruction

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Philadelphia PA

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The Cypress Programmable System on a Chip (PSoC) is different from a traditional microcontroller because it incorporates analog circuitry such as op-amps on chip. These analog elements are defined through software. The inclusion of these analog components makes building instrumentation somewhat simpler because of the greatly reduced chip count. We use PSoC's exclusively in our electronics instrumentation course in which students are expected to design, test, and build an electronic instrument and use that instrument to perform an investigation. In this workshop we will go through the basics of creating a program for the PSoC. Workshop attendees will use a PSoC to build a simple electronic instrument (there will be several different options) and hopefully test it. A participant in this workshop will need to bring a computer with Windows XP or better installed (or on a mac at least running vmware fusion, virtual box does not work properly). Software available at - Psoc Designer and PsoC Creator should be installed prior to the workshop. Each participant will receive their own PsoC CY8KIT-001 from Cypress Electronics - development and prototyping kit.





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