Document Type

Poster Session

Presentation Date

Summer 8-10-2015

Conference Name

29th General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union

Conference Location

Honolulu, Hawaii


I present the results of a study of the radial variations of the ratio of the two populations of stars in the galactic globu-lar cluster NGC2419 as seen in eight broad-band, HST/WFC3 colors. The populations are identified as a metal-poor first generation (FG) with an age of 12 Gyr and a relatively metal-rich, oxygen and helium-rich, second generation (SG), with an age of 10 Gyr. Synthetic color-magnitude diagrams of NGC2419 are used to determine the fractions of the present-day stellar population that are FG and SG stars. The distance modulus of this cluster and the color excess, E(B-V), are estimated from consistent fits of stellar evolutionary models to eight color-magnitude diagrams. It is shown that the signature of two stellar generations can be clearly seen in the popu-lation ratio profiles. This is the first time Hubble Legacy Archive source catalogs


Astrophysics and Astronomy | Physics