Leadership and the Disposition of Care: An Inextricable Connection

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Hawaii International Conference on Education

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Honolulu, HI

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The purpose of the study was to conduct a qualitative analysis of the dispositions aspiring principals identified as critical for teachers and school leaders based on their analyses of their own experiences as K-12 students. Data was collected from five cohorts of aspiring principals enrolled in the Master’s in Educational Leadership program in a university in the Midwest. The data consisted of two reflective analytic papers of the teachers who had had the most positive and most negative effect on their K-12 education. Graduate students: 1)identified a personal positive and a personal negative experience with one of their teachers; 2)analyzed the dispositions demonstrated by the teachers; and 3)explained how they have and will apply their experiences to the development of their own leadership and teaching identity. In analyzing the data, the consistently emerging theme in the analysis of the data was the critical value of the disposition of care for teachers and school leaders. Aspiring principals identified the presence or absence of the disposition of care as having had the greatest effect on them as students. A second emerging theme was the intent of aspiring principals to emulate the disposition of care in their own leadership.


dispositions, care, leadership, principal preparation


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership

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