Submissions from 2017

DSM and V-Codes, Kerrie R. Fineran and A Lange

Recovering the Original Phenomenological Research Method: An Exploration of Husserl, Yoga, Buddhism, and New Frontiers in Humanistic Counseling, Fred J. Hanna, Brett D. Wilkinson, and Joel Givens

Submissions from 2016

No Harm Contracts, Kerrie R. Fineran and L. Hurni

Planning for Groups, Kerrie R. Fineran, Amy Nitza, and Kyle W. Patterson

Child Cognitive Development, C. Jenkins, Kerrie R. Fineran, and A Lange

Evaluating the Impact of an Academic Teacher Development Program: Practical Realities of an Evidence-Based Study, Gail Rathbun, Jane M. Leatherman, and Rebecca S. Jensen

Educational Psychology for Learners: Connecting Theory, Research and Application, Brett D. Wilkinson and Angela Vaughan

Submissions from 2015


An International Student's Perspective: Navigating Identities and Conducting Ethnographic Fieldwork in the U.S., Rama Cousik


Cultural and Functional Diversity in the Elementary Classroom: Strategies for Teachers, Rama Cousik

Are We on Target?, Kerrie R. Fineran

Values and Stereotypes: An Ad-Lib Exercise, M Freeson and Kerrie R. Fineran

Professional Counselors’ Impact on Schools, Amy Nitza, Kerrie R. Fineran, and Brian Dobias

Submissions from 2014

Teaching Students to Ask for Help, K Baskin, R Hoover, and Kerrie R. Fineran

Animal-Assisted Activities for Students with Disabilities: Obtaining Stakeholders’ Approval and Planning Strategies for Teachers, E Baumgartner and Jeong il Cho

Behavior Lemonade, M Beeching and Kerrie R. Fineran


Differences in Student Evaluations of Limited-Term Lecturers and Full-Time Faculty, Jeong il Cho, Koichiro Otani, and B. Joon Kim


Book Review: Yashoda’s Songs to Her Playful Son Krsna: Periyalvar’s 9th Century Tirumoli by Lynn Ate, Rama Cousik


Research in Special Education: Using a Research Poem as a Guide for Relationship Building, Rama Cousik


Parental psychological control and adolescent adjustment: The role of adolescent emotion regulation, Lixian Cui, Amanda S. Morris, Michael M. Criss, Benjamin J. Houltberg Dr., and Jennifer Silk

Consideration for Advanced Group Workers, Kerrie R. Fineran and Benjamin J. Houltberg Dr.

Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities: A Practical Handbook for Beginning and Advanced Group Leaders, vol. 2, Kerrie R. Fineran, Benjamin J. Houltberg Dr., Amy Nitza, Jackie McCoy, and Sara M. Roberts

Puzzling Communication, A Kilgore, R Reynolds, and Kerrie R. Fineran

Submissions from 2013

Review of the Book AAC Strategies for Individuals with Moderate to Severe Disabilities, Jeong-il Cho

Customer Satisfaction Theory in Public Affairs Education: Revisiting Student Evaluation of Teaching, B. Joon Kim, Koichiro Otani, and jeong il cho

Customer Satisfaction Theory (CST) in Public Affairs Education: Revisiting Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET), Byung J. Kim, Koichiro Otani, and Jeong IL Cho

General and Specific Characteristics of a University-school Partnership: Promoting Learning Opportunities for Students with Deafness or Hearing Impairments, D. Kim, Y. J. Park, Jeong il Cho, and D. Kim

Submissions from 2012

The Hope for Audacity: From Cynicism to Hope in Educational Leadership and Policy, Stella C. Batagiannis, Barry Kanpol, and Anna V. Wilson


“Joy Ride” with SoTL Practice: The Investigation of the Effectiveness of Assistive Technology Course Contents on Student Learning, Jeong-il Cho


Disability as a Narrative Construction: Applying the Theory of Appreciative Inquiry, Rama Cousik

Helping foster and adopted children to grieve the loss of birthparents: A case study example, Kerrie R. Fineran

Suicide postvention in schools: The role of the school counselor, Kerrie R. Fineran

Family Interactions, Exposure to Violence, and Emotion Regulation: Perceptions of Children and Early Adolescents At-Risk, Benjamin J. Houltberg Dr., Carolyn S. Henry Dr, and Amanda Sheffield Morris

Teacher Collaborations Provide an Opportunity to Improve Education for All Students Along the Continuum of Learning, Jane Leatherman, Nancy Bangel, Tracy Cox, Amber Merrill, and Rebecca Newsome

Student course evaluation (SET) in higher education: How to use student course evaluation more effectively and efficiently in Public Affairs Education, Koichiro Otani, B. J. Kim, and Jeong il Cho

Submissions from 2011


Promise and Possibility for Aspiring Principals: An Emerging Leadership Identity through Learning to Do Action Research, Stella C. Batagiannis

A Synthesis on Essential Issues in the Field of Mathematics Education, D. Kim and Jeong il Cho

Adolescent Moral Development, Amanda Morris Dr., Nancy Eisenberg, and Benjamin J. Houltberg Dr.

Submissions from 2010


Improving Education for All Students along the Continuum of Learning: Stronger Collaborations Provide an Opportunity, Nancy Bangel and Jane M. Leatherman

Obama's Educational Policy: Disposition of Authenticity or the Politics of The Emperor's New Clothes, Stella C. Batagiannis

The Hope of "Yes, We Can": A Road for Courageous Authentic Leaders, Stella C. Batagiannis

The Barnum effect and chaos theory, Kerrie R. Fineran

Submissions from 2009

Shifting Money to the Indiana Classroom, Jeff Abbott

The Quest for Instantaneous Perfection and the Demand for "Push-Button" Administration, Stella C. Batagiannis

Bullying Status and Behavior Patterns of Preadolescents and Adolescents with Behavioral Disorders, Jeong-il Cho, J Hendrickson, and D Mock

Bullying Status and Behavior Patterns of Preadolescents and Adolescents with Behavioral Disorders, Jeong-il Cho, Jo Hendrickson, and Devery Mock

The Barnum effect and chaos theory: Exploring college student ACOA traits, Kerrie R. Fineran, John M. Laux, Jennifer Seymour, and Tequilla Thomas

Teachers' Voices Concerning Collaborative Teams Within an Inclusive Elementary School, Jane M. Leatherman

Submissions from 2008


An Inside Look at How Indiana Educrats Expand a Federal Law, Jeff Abbott

Courting Failure: How School Finance Lawsuits Exploit Judges' Good Intentions and Harm Our Children, Jeff Abbott


Freedom Schools: A Third Dimension to the Upcoming Debate over the Consolidation of Indiana Government Schools, Jeff Abbott


The Politicians Still Don’t Get It: The Corruption of Public Education, Jeff Abbott


Yes, Indy Schools are Broken, But They’re Not the Only Ones, Jeff Abbott

Constructing a University/Public School Partnership: Scholar-Practitioner Pursuits., Jeff Abbott and Barry Kanpol

Submissions from 2007

A Risky Act - The FWCS Bond Issue, Jeff Abbott

School Construction Question: Can Community Afford It?, Jeff Abbott


THE BRIGHT: Government Schools, Jeff Abbott


Will Your School Corporation’s Debt Exceed Capacity?, Jeff Abbott


A Lesson in Courage, Stella C. Batagiannis

Leadership Guided by Courage: A Challenge to Instantaneous Perfection, Stella C. Batagiannis

Scholar-Practitioner Dialogue: Implementing Student-Centered, Authentic Professional learning Communities in Urban Schools, Stella C. Batagiannis and Ingrid Laidroo

I Just See All Children as Children: Teachers' Perceptions About Inclusion, Jane M. Leatherman

Writing Reviews as a Way of Mentoring Fellow Authors, Alice Merz and Stella C. Batagiannis

Plug-In - What is in a Name? Including Children with Disabilities in the World of Educational Quality, Glenda Moss and Jane M. Leatherman

Submissions from 2006

Review of the book From Standards to Success: A Guide for School Leaders by Mark R. O'Shea, Stella C. Batagiannis

Constructing a University/Public School Partnership: Scholar-practioner Pursuits, Barry Kanpol and Jeff Abbott

Suggestions and Resources for Successful Inclusive Classrooms, Jane M. Leatherman

Allocating Human, Financial, and Physical Resources, Randall S. Vesely and Faith E. Crampton

Submissions from 2005

Letter to the Editor: A Response to the Pros and Cons of Solution-focused Advising, James Burg and Jennifer L. Mayhall

Meeting the Needs of Immigrant Students with Limited English Ability, Jerry E. Garrett and Shannon Holcomb

An Administrators Guidebook to Early Care and Education, Dorothy Hewes and Jane Leatherman

Teachers' Attitudes Toward Inclusion: Factors Influencing Classroom Practice, Jane M. Leatherman and Judith A. Niemeyer

Mechanisms of Change: The Contributions of Rex Stockton to Group Development and Outcome in Research and Practice, Amy Gibson Nitza

Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Including Students with Disabilities, Margaret E. Shippen, Steven A. Crites, David E. Houchins, Michelle L. Ramsey, and Marsha Simon

Submissions from 2004

The Emotions Thermometer: An Intervention for the Scaling and Psychoeducation of Intense Emotions, James Burg

Techniques and Interventions of Solution-Focused Advising, James Burg and Jennifer L. Mayhall

Addressing the Need for Bridging the Gap Between Principals and Counselors, Jerry E. Garrett

The Influence of Cognitive Styles on Student Achievement and Attitudes toward Distributed Problem Based Learning, Mark D. Myers and Ayfer Alper

Submissions from 2003

Discovering Programs for Talent Development, Beverly N. Parke

Submissions from 1989

Gifted Students in Regular Classrooms, Beverly N. Parke