Submissions from 2017

Contributions by Women of Faith to Sustainable Development, Sherrie M. Steiner

IPFW Collaboration with Blackford County Concerned Citizens, Sherrie M. Steiner


Potsdam Recommendation Points for G20 Dialogue, Sherrie M. Steiner

The F20: Interfaith Civil Society Engagement with the G20, Sherrie M. Steiner

The Strategy of Dialogue for Civic Engagement: Reflection on a Co-Hosted Conversation, Sherrie M. Steiner

The Unintended Consequences of Urban Agglomeration and the Construction of Urban Community Gardens, Sherrie M. Steiner

Submissions from 2016

Corruption and Cheating As the Tragedy of Modern Culture, Augusto S. De Venanzi

Turning Away From Populism, Augusto S. De Venanzi


Combining Continuous Service with Discontinuous Learning, Sherrie M. Steiner

Is This the Same Country? Reflections on Two Recent Visits to China, Sherrie M. Steiner

Method Matters: Understanding the Significance of Historical Developments., Sherrie M. Steiner

Risk Perception in Light of Disruption of the Quotidian, Sherrie M. Steiner


Setting and Preserving Social Standards in Uncertain Times: F8/F7/F20 Contributions to the G20 Mandate, Sherrie M. Steiner


Cultural complexity of tattooing practices in Japan, Mieko Yamada

Focus on local diversity and learn about global community: Incorporating Diversity and Social Justice into Japan’s English language education, Mieko Yamada

Teaching English for social justice: Implications from a study of Japanese students’ perceptions of EFL education, Mieko Yamada

A Study of Anonymous Responses on the Wall on a Higher Education Campus, Mieko Yamada, Christopher LaFontaine, and Casey Meadows

Submissions from 2015


Political Institutions and Administrative Reform in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela (2000-2010), Augusto S. De Venanzi

Does Limited Access to Primary Care Physicians Reduce Health Status: An International Study?, Curtis D. Hosier

Is Gentrification a form of Deviance: A Theoretical Discussion, Curtis D. Hosier and Shannon Alexander

The Role of Ideology and Interests in the Functioning of Think Tanks in the United States of America, Peter Iadicola

Diverse Non-Profit Board Membership as Venue for Offering Student Support, Sherrie M. Steiner


Relinquishing Control in Classroom Management Through the Use of Play and Game to Foster Student Engagement, Sherrie M. Steiner

The Eastern University Sustainable Peace Initiative: A Case Study in Environmental Education, Sherrie M. Steiner


WOMEN, FAITH AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, Sherrie M. Steiner, Karen Hamilton, Nazila Ghanea, Anita Soboleva, and Lena Larsen

Japanese university students’ perceptions of diversity and English language education in a globalized era, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2014

Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela: Policies Against Poverty and Inequality: A Comparative Analysis, Augusto S. De Venanzi

Theorizing Latino Crime Rates in the United States, Curtis D. Hosier


Synopsis of Working Session V: Making Common Ground, Sherrie M. Steiner


Voices of Blackford County: Employing Counter-Normative Pedagogy in Service Learning, Sherrie M. Steiner

Diversity and English Language Education in a Globalized Era: Implications from the case of Japan, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2013

. Society in Crisis: Distribution of Health Status an International and Domestic Analysis, Curtis D. Hosier

Society in Crisis: Distribution of Health Status an International and Domestic Analysis, Curtis D. Hosier

Program Participants’ Input on Service Development in a Faith-Based Volunteer Program, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2012

Democracy, Devolution and Conditional Cash Transfers in Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, Augusto S. De Venanzi


As Long as They're Not Driving: A Qualitative Exploration of the Influence of a Designated Driver on Alcoholic Beverage Servers' Hypothetical Willingness to Serve Beyond Intoxication, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.


Technology as Masculinity: Antique Tractor Collectors and the Identities Embedded in the Machines, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.


Awareness of internal diversity and implications for teaching English in Japan, Mieko Yamada

The role of teaching English as a Foreign Language in a global society: an analysis of students’ perceptions of the domestic diversity and English learning in Japan, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2011

Imperial Theft in the Age of Globalization, Peter Iadicola

Japanese Tattooing: Popularity, Resistance, and Cultural Complexity in Postmodern Practices, Mieko Yamada

Internet Mizuko Kuyo in Japan: A Case Study in Progressive Weberian Rationality, Mieko Yamada and Anson Shupe

Submissions from 2010

The Interconnections Between Religious Evangelicalism and Empathy, Christopher Bradley

Who is More Likely to Punish? A Comparison of Religious Fundamentalists, Atheists and Mainline Christians., Christopher Bradley and Kara Ritchhart

Teaching Diversity: Increasing Awareness of Multiculturalism and its Implications in Japanese Education, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2009

Authoritarianism Versus Welfare Policy: The Two Faces of he Bolivarian Revolution, Augusto S. De venanzi Professor

Polarizacion Politica en Venezuela, Augusto S. De venanzi Professor

School Shootings in the USA: Popular Culture as Risk and Peer Marginalization, Augusto S. De venanzi Professor

Multiculturalism as a New Discourse: Race and Ethnic Relation in Japan’s Junior High Schools’ English Language Textbooks from the 1980s to the Present, Mieko Yamada

Tattoos’ Statuses in East Asia: The Description of Tattooing Practices in Chinese and Japanese Newspaper articles, Mieko Yamada

Compassion, Ritual, and the Abortion Controversy in Modern Japanese Buddhism, Mieko Yamada and Anson D. Shupe

Submissions from 2008

Mentoring, Evaluating, and Promoting Faculty Members, Jeanne Ballantine and Diane E. Taub

The Interconnections Between Religious Fundamentalism and Empathy, Christopher Bradley

An Exploration of the Amount and Type of Media Coverage Given to Serial Murder Victims After the Elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, Christopher Bradley and Janelle Nannini

Because It’s FREE Poker! A Qualitative Analysis of Free Texas Hold‘em Poker Tournaments, Christopher Bradley and Ryan Schroeder

Political Polarization In Venezuela, Augusto De Venanzi

Centrality of the Empire Concept in Study of State Violence, Peter Iadicola

Controlling Crimes of Empires, Peter Iadicola

An Exploratory Study on the Amount and Type of Media Coverage of Serial Killer Victims, Janelle Nannini, Deirdre Sommerlad-Rogers, and Christopher Bradley

Physical Health Maladies and Crime: A General Strain Theory Approach, Ryan Schroeder, Terrence Hill, and Christopher Bradley

Establishing A Protocol for the Study of Clergy Malfeasance in North American Minority Groups, Anson D. Shupe, Christopher Bradley, and Janelle Nannini

Visual Images of Gender and Race in Textbooks: A Study of Japan's Junior High Schools' Textbooks for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2007

An Interactive Web-Based Approach to Learning and Practicing Skills for Facilitating Civil Discourse, Patrick J. Ashton and Jeanette R. Clausen

Keeping Students at the Center through Faculty Development, Patrick J. Ashton, Rachelle Darabi, and Jeanette R. Clausen

Sociology of Emotion, Christopher Bradley

Faculty Development for Facilitating Civil Discourse: A Project in Progress, Jeanette R. Clausen and Patrick J. Ashton

Social Representations and the Labeling of Non-Compliant Youths, Augusto De Venanzi

The Institutional Dynamics of Homelessness: The United States of America and Japan Compared, Augusto De Venanzi

Do Empires Commit State Crime?, Peter Iadicola

Globalization, Empire, and Inequality, Peter Iadicola

Rural Masculinity and the Collection of Old Iron: A Contextualized View of an Old Masculinity, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.

Examining the Protection Behaviors of Hate Crime Victims, Deirdre Sommerlad-Rogers and Christopher Bradley

Examining the Protection Behaviors of Hate Crime Victims, Deirdre Summerlad-Rogers and Christopher Bradley

Submissions from 2005

Introducing Students to Sociology and the American Empire, Peter Iadicola

Violence of Empire, Peter Iadicola

Dismantling the Battle Plan: An In-Depth Study of the Practices of the Salvation Arm, Brandi Schorey and Christopher Bradley

Submissions from 2004

Veteran Status and Marital Aggression: Does Military Service Make a Difference, Christopher Bradley

Institutional Dimensions of Imperialist Relations, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 2003

The Relevance of Milgram’s Experiment on Obedience to Authority in the Post 9-11 World, Christopher Bradley

Submissions from 2002

Domestic Violence Among Military Couples: A Research Proposal, Christopher Bradley

Submissions from 2000

Does Self-Esteem Contribute to Good Grades at the College Level?, Christopher Bradley

Military Service, Combat Experience, and Marital Aggression: An Examination of their Interrelation, Christopher Bradley

Cultural Representations of Violence as it relates to Power and Hierarchy: The Case of the LAPD Ramparts Scandal, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1999

Creating A Master’s Degree in Sociological Practice: A Ten Year Odyssey, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1997

Children’s Rights and the Cycle of Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom, Peter Iadicola

Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom: The Case of Ireland, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1996

Crime and Violence: Contributions from the Study of Violence to the Definition of Crime, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1992

Reflections on the Chain of Violence: From the Structural to the Interpersonal, Peter Iadicola

The Effect of Political and Economic Factors on the Creation of International Controls on Corporate Crime: The Case of the ILO, Peter Iadicola and Robert Baller

Submissions from 1990

Economic Dislocation and Mental Health: The Effect of a Plant Closing on Feelings of Powerlessness among Displaced Workers, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1988

Neighborhood and Criminal Justice Strategies to Address Crime and Conflict: An Exploration of Areas of Intersection, Peter Iadicola

Submissions from 1982

Economic Crisis and the Role of the State: Contradiction and ClassConflict, Patrick J. Ashton and Peter Iadicola