Submissions from 2018

Evaluation of an EFL Teacher Training Program in Japan, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2017


A Prestudy Curricula-as-Research model for Scholarship of Engagement: Combining Continuous Service with Discontinuous Learning, Sherrie M. Steiner

Submissions from 2016


The Application of Multidimensional Poverty Maps to High-Income Countries: A Project Proposal for Allen County, Indiana, USA, Augusto S. De Venanzi

The Application of Multi-dimensional Poverty Maps to High Income Countries: A Project Proposal for Allen County Indiana, USA, Donna Holland and Augusto De Venanzi

Applied Statistics for Social Science Practitioners: Applications of SAS, Donna Holland and Joni N. Shreve

College Student Stress and Mental Health: Examination of Stigmatic Views On Mental Health Counseling, Donna Holland and Heidi Wheeler


The Chain of Violence and the Lessons for New Orleans, Peter Iadicola

Implementing Reciprocity for Collaborative Community Partnership, Sherrie M. Steiner

Is Religious Soft Power of Consequence in the World Today?, Sherrie M. Steiner


Sociomaterial Movement Learning in Evangelical Student Activism: A Case Study in Environmental Education, Sherrie M. Steiner

Submissions from 2015

Sistemas Politicos y Bienestar Social: Brasil, Colombia y Venezuela (2000-2010), Augusto S. De Venanzi


Environmental Governance Involving Think Tank Guidance: Climate Science, Paris 2015 and Policy Contributions from the Margins, Sherrie M. Steiner


Environmental Sociology Service Learning Community Collaboration, Sherrie M. Steiner

Review of Naomi Klein 'This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate', Sherrie M. Steiner


The Role of English Teaching in Modern Japan: Diversity and multiculturalism through English language education in a globalized era, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2014


Brasil, Colombia, y Venezuela: El gasto público social y las inversiones en infraestructura para el desarrollo (2000-2010), Augusto S. De Venanzi


Economic Crime – The Challenges of Regulation and Control, Peter Iadicola

An evaluation of the impact of a faith-based volunteer program, Mieko Yamada and Daniel Gutierrez

Submissions from 2013

Diversity matters: Japan's domestic diversity and the role of English language teaching, Mieko Yamada

Internet Accessibility of the Mizuko Kuyo (Water-Child Ritual) in Modern Japan: A Case Study in Weberian Rationality, Mieko Yamada and Anson D. Shupe

Submissions from 2012


"Hearing Every Voice:" Promotiong Engagement Through Electronic Discussion, Patrick J. Ashton


Transforming Conflict by Building Relationships: A Manual for Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Patrick J. Ashton


Using Clickers to Promote Participation, Patrick J. Ashton

Social Transformation for a Sustainable Built Environment: Problems and Prospects, Patrick J. Ashton, Matt Kubik, and Regina Leffers


School shootings in the USA: Popular culture as risk, teen marginality, and violence against peers, Augusto S. De Venanzi

School Shootings in the USA: Popular Culture as Risk, Teen Marginality, and Violence Among Peers, Augusto S. De Venanzi

Violence: Definitions, Spheres, and Principles, Peter Iadicola

Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom, Peter Iadicola and Anson D. Shupe


Social Distance and the Formerly Obese: Does Stigma of Obesity Linger?, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.

Submissions from 2011

The Green Age: Transforming Your Life Choices for the 21st Century, M. Regina Leffers, Matt Kubik, and Patrick J. Ashton


Rural Masculinity and Antique Tractors: Reliving the Men in the Machines, Michael R. Nusbaumer

Physical Health and Crime Among Low-income Urban Women: An Application of General Strain Theory, Ryan D. Schroeder, Terrence D. Hill, Stacey Hoskins Haynes, and Christopher Bradley


Deprogramming Violence: The Logic, Perpetration, and Outcomes of Coercive Interventions, Anson D. Shupe

Vicissitudes of Response to Pastoral Malfeasance: A Sociological View of Church Polity, Anson D. Shupe

Awareness of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Japanese Junior High Schools' English Language Textbooks, Mieko Yamada

The Internet Use and Japan’s Religious Practice of Mizuko Kuyo in a Global Era, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2010


Authoritarianism Versus Welfare Policy: The Two Faces of the Bolivarian Revolution, Augusto De Venanzi

The Social Construction of Serial Murderer Victims: A Content Analysis of Newspaper Coverage, Janelle Eliasson-Nannini, Christopher Bradley, Deirdre Sommerlad-Rogers, and Benjamin Perason-Nelson

The Emotional Consequences of Service Work: An Ethnographic Examination of Hair Salon Workers., Terrence Hill and Christopher Bradley

Controlling Crimes of Empire, Peter Iadicola

Do Empires Commit State Crime?, Peter Iadicola

The Centrality of Empire in the Study of State Crime and Violence, Peter Iadicola

Rural Masculinity in Context: When Going Bigger Risks Your Manhood, Michael R. Nusbaumer

Self, Attitudes and Emotion Work: Western Social Psychology and Eastern Zen Buddhism Confront Each Other, Anson D. Shupe and Christopher Bradley

Body Modification: Tattooing, Mieko Yamada


English as a Multicultural Language: Implications from a Study of Japan’s Junior High Schools’ English Language Textbooks, Mieko Yamada

Review of the book Building Racial and Cultural Competence in the Classroom: Strategies from Urban Educators by Karen Manheim Teel and Jennifer E. Obidah, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2009

Embedding Diversity in the University: A Case Study, Patrick J. Ashton


The Berlin Manifesto: Social Transformation for Sustainable Design, Patrick J. Ashton and Matt Kubik

The Berlin Manifesto: Social Transformation for Sustainable Design, Patrick J. Ashton and M. Kubric

Review of the book Learning to Live with Statistics: From Concept to Practice by David Asquith, Christopher Bradley

The Interconnections Between Religious Fundamentalism, Spirituality and the Four Dimensions of Empathy, Christopher Bradley

Because It’s FREE Poker! A Qualitative Analysis of Free Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments, Christopher Bradley and Ryan Schroeder

The Long-term Health Consequences of Relationship Violence in Adulthood: An Examination of Low-income Women from Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio, Terrence Hill, Ryan Schroeder, Christopher Bradley, Lauren Kaplan, and Ronald Angel

Families of Origin, Foster Care Experience, and the Transition to Adulthood, Donna Holland


Sexual Assault and Sentencing, Donna Holland and Angela Sheets

The Violence of Empire, Peter Iadicola

The Differential Impact of a Plant Closing on the Reemployment and Income Patterns of Displaced Blue- and White-Collar Employees, Peter Iadicola and Patrick J. Ashton

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub

A Darker Shade of Gray: A Year-End Analysis of Discipline Suspension Data, Joe D. Nichols, William G. Ludwin, and Peter Iadicola

Hooked: Drug War Films in Britain, Canada and the United States, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.


Review of the book The Serpent and the Dove: Celibacy in Literature and Life, Anson D. Shupe

Physical and Social Barriers to Social Relationships: Voices of Rural Disabled Women in the USA, Diane E. Taub, Penelope A. McLorg, and April K. Bartnick


Westernization and Cultural Resistance of Tattooing Practices in Contemporary Japan, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2008

Homophobia and Women's Sport, Elaine M. Blinde and Diane E. Taub

Social Representations and the Labeling of Non-Compliant Youths: The Case of Victorian and Edwardian Hooligans, Augusto De Venanzi

The Institutional Dynamics of Homelessness, Augusto S. De Venanzi

Globalization and Empire, Peter Iadicola


Globalization and Empire, Peter Iadicola

Anorexia, Bulimia and Developing a Deviant Identity, Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia: The Development of Deviant Identities, Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub

Religious Fundamentalism, Anson D. Shupe

Rogue Clerics: The Social Problem of Clergy Deviance, Anson D. Shupe

Eating Disorders, Diane E. Taub and Penelope A. McLorg

Meanings of Tattoos in the Context of Identity-Construction - A Study of Japanese Students in Canada, Mieko Yamada

Submissions from 2007

Veteran Status and Marital Aggression: Does Military Service Make a Difference?, Christopher Bradley

Working Class Masculinity: Keeping Gay Men and Lesbians out of the Workplace, David G. Embrick, Carol S. Walther, and Corrine M. Wickens

Defining Criminal Violence, Peter Iadicola

Women of the Harlem Renaissance, Lisa Beringer McKissack

Temperance Culture and the Repression of Scientific Inquiry into Illicit-Drug-Altered States of Consciousness, Michael R. Nusbaumer and Denise M. Reiling

An Exploration of the Potential Impact of the Designated Driver Campaign on Bartenders' Willingness to Over-serve, Denise M. Reiling and Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.

Latter-day Saints, Church of Jesus Christ, Anson D. Shupe

Spoils of the Kingdom: Clergy Misconduct and Religious Community, Anson D. Shupe

Influences of Gender Socialization and Athletic Involvement on the Occurrence of Eating Disorders, Diane E. Taub and Penelope A. McLorg

Submissions from 2006

Understanding and Working with Perspectives, Patrick J. Ashton

Faculty Development for Facilitating Civil Discourse, Patrick J. Ashton and Jeanette Clausen

Las Miserias del Arcaismo: Un Analisis del Gobierno de Presidente Hugo Chavez, Augusto De Venanzi

Lifebooks, Donna Holland

Transition Out of Foster Care, Donna Holland

War and Revolution, Michael R. Nusbaumer Dr.

When Problem Servers Pour in Problematic Places: Alcoholic Beverage Servers' Willingness to Serve Patrons Beyond Intoxication, Denise M. Reiling and Michael R. Nusbaumer

When the Bastards Grind You Under: Conflict Theory Versus Social Exchange Theory, Anson D. Shupe

Agents of Discord: Deprogramming, Pseudo-science, and the American Anticult Movement, Anson D. Shupe and Susan E. Darnell

Submissions from 2005

Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia: The Development of Deviant Identities, Penelope A. McLorg and Diane E. Taub

Dismantling the Battle Plan: An In-Depth Study of the Practices of the Salvation Army, Brandi Schorey and Christopher Bradley

Review of the book The Cultic Milieu: Oppositional Subcultures in an Age of Globalization edited by Jeffrey Kaplan and Helene Loow, Anson D. Shupe

Review of the book Revolting Bodies?: The Struggle to Redefine Fat Identity by Kathleen LeBesco, Diane E. Taub

Stigma Management Strategies Among Women with Physical Disabilities: Contrasting Approaches of Downplaying or Claiming a Disability Status, Diane E. Taub, Penelope A. McLorg, and Patricia L. Fanflik

Submissions from 2004

Introductory Sociology Course as a Vehicle for Minority Student Success in College, Patrick J. Ashton