Submissions from 2015

Ethical Considerations for Consulting Visually-Impaired Students, Matthew Behnke, Jessica Marlin, and Audrey J. Whetstone


Family First, Brittany Bellam, Phillicia Overmeyer, and Suining Ding


Low‐Cost Reconfigurable Modular Robots, Timothy Boles, Christopher Coffee, Justin Galvan, and Steven Groff

Sex in Video Games, Terra Brix


Design of Mars Rover Linkage, Zach Brunner and Alfonso Costas


Thieme Drive Floodwall System Design, Jamie Coffman, Emily Gross, Amadou Sidibe, and Deborah Uwamahoro


Teaching Effective Teamwork with Engaging Games, Errin Comparet, Jordon Nicodemus, Adrienne Roberson, and Jennifer Hunt


Generation of long‐lasting light with inductively‐coupled plasma drivers, Bryan T. Daugherty, Mattison Siri, Charles McIntosh, and Christopher Nei


Thermoforming Dual Heater System, Samuel Gray, Nathan Grigsby, Hayden LeCount, and Ryan Schaadt

Out in the Open: iPads, Remote Consultations, and the Ethics of Conducting Private Business in the Public Commons, Sara Jackson


12 Volt DC Regulated Power Supply, Carly Kessler and Grayson Carpenter


Assessment of a Machine Learning Framework for Sustainability Base, Myat Kyaw


Low-Cost Reconfigurable Modular Robots: a Senior Design Project, Yanfei Liu, Timothy Boles, Christopher Coffee, Justin Galvan, Steven Groff, William Westrick, Carlos Pomalaza-Ráez, and Zhuming Bi


NASA Robotic Arm, Kyle Nieuwlandt, Alfonso Costas, Zach Brunner, Dara Plank, Derek Stefen, and Elizabeth McClamrock


Maintaining Professional and Ethical Boundaries during Mobile Consultations, Madison Prall


A Comparison of Stress Responses in Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers Exposed to Salinity and Handling Stress, Regina Shannon, Destin Furnas, and Ahmed Mustafa


Stress Responses in Sea Cucumbers Exposed to Salinity and Handling Stress, Regina Shannon, Jesse Rinard, and Ahmed Mustafa

Passing and Heteronormative Assimilation within the Transgender Community: Harmful or Helpful?, Cailynn Smith


Robotic Football, Guoping Wang, Zhuming Bi, Armela Mane, Raihan Mir, Jeremy Nyikos, Cliff Sidwell, Matthew Thompson, and Colton Witte

Live-Feed Cybersexuality: How Adult Cam Sites Construct and Support Sexual Identities, Gabrielle Warner

Submissions from 2014

Digital director-matcher task toolkit for code-switching research, Rachel Abraham, Shannon Bischoff, David Bohan, and Max Fowler

Oh, The Well Waters Are Different from The Same Aquifer; Are They?, Sarah K. Budd, Solomon Isiorho, and Tessa Matthews

Independent Research Project as an Integral Part of Geology Courses Provides Undergraduates the Opportunity to Solve Real World Problem, Sara K. Budd, Solomon Isiorho, Tessa Matthews, Brittany Kime, and Jessie Reeder


Using Linguistics and Proxemics to Address the Challenges of Consulting Non-Native Speakers, Jack Cantey, Curt Hemsoth, and Teresa Barcenas

Bottoms Up: A Sedimentological Analyis of The Manus-Only Coffee Hollow Sauropod Tracks, Crystal Harter, Benjamin F. Dattilo, James O. Farlow, Everett E. Deschner, and Richard Solis


Space: The Final Frontier, Or, How iPads Might Change Everything We Think We Know About the “Where” of the Writing Center, Sara Jackson

Small Town Water Quality and Health Concerns, Nitrate Levels Increasing in the Midwest, Northeast Indiana, USA, Brittany Kime and Solomon A. Isiorho

Progressive Mylonitization of A Paleozoic Granite in The Cordillera Oriental, NW Argentina, Daniel Maassel, Aranzazu Pinan-Llamas, Jose Pablo Lopez, Ana Acosta-Nagle, and Sara K. Budd

Determining The Water Quality at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) Using Well Data, Tessa Matthews, Sarah K. Budd, and Solomon A. Isiorho


I Prayed Not to Wake Up: Teaching Our Consultants to Handle Crisis Consultations, Lilyan Moore

Utilizing Emotion Focused Therapy with Burmese Families, Kristine Myahla, Olivia Ohneck, and Catanna Roberson

Microstructure of Pyrite Blackening in Fossil Shells, Paul O'Malley, Benjamin F. Dattilo, Anne S. Argast, and Carlton E. Brett

Water Quality and the Invasion of the St. Joseph River, Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Cyanobacteria, Jessie Reeder and Solomon A. Isiorho

Submissions from 2013

Strategic Rape and Its Effects on Women, Bethany DeGrandchamp

The Power of Women in Moliere’s Tartuffe, Morgane Haesen

Female Sexuality as Work: Resistance and Resignation in Woman at Point Zero and Khul-Khaal, Caylen McPherson

Reflections from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, Nicole Meier

Marriage as Feminist Issue, Melody Monday

Women in Modern Drumming, Erika Schaadt

Which Bathroom is Safe to Use: Transgender Issues, Cailynn Smith

Sex Roles in Soviet Propaganda of the Khrushchev Era, Anthony Ternet

Sex Roles in Soviet Propaganda Posters of the Khrushchev Era, Anthony Ternet