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Dr. Suleiman Ashur


Department of Engineering-Civil Engineering

University Affiliation

Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


There are nine intersections along Coliseum Boulevard in Fort Wayne, Indiana from Crescent Avenue to Lima Road. Of these nine intersections, three are among the most dangerous intersections in the State of Indiana based on a recent study by INDOT. Coliseum Boulevard has approximately 50,000 vehicles per day and serves as a major arterial to industrial, commercial, and educational zones. Our goals include: improving operation for the nine signalized intersections in the study corridor during peak traffic hours, and increasing traffic safety at the most critical intersection. These goals will be accomplished using short term and long term alternatives that would be unique to the Fort Wayne community and will reduce the congestion/delay and emissions during the AM and PM peak hours along with increasing vehicle travel speeds and safety.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Engineering

Alternative Designs for Operation and Safety at Coliseum Boulevard