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Elizabeth Mannir


Department of Women’s Studies

University Affiliation

Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Typically, students cringe when they learn a course will involve a group project. The students of IPFW’s Spring 2012 Women’s Studies course, “Feminism & Food,” were no exception. This pilot course required the class to collaborate on a student-developed service learning project. At first, many students were panicked and stressed, but learned within less than a month that they were able to design and carry out an impressive and rewarding service learning project. Individual students came together as a team and were able to nearly quadruple their projected fundraising goal for Community Harvest Food Bank, while also raising awareness about healthy eating, local businesses, and feminist activism on campus. I will examine this classroom experience as a case study supporting the use of service learning projects in Women’s Studies courses. The project combined WOST program goals and concepts with the universally accessible topic of food, and students of interdisciplinary backgrounds gained valuable skills and experience in the process. Connections were made on campus and beyond as the class worked together to orchestrate a smoothie sale, and the class learned that undoubtedly, food is a feminist issue.


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Growing A Group Project: Service Learning in the WOST Classroom