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Dr. Douglas Kline


Department of Anthropology

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Human overpopulation is not, by any means, a new topic. However, it is often overlooked in politics and in the minds of the general public. Even those who are aware of the topic tend to be unaware of its importance or potential imminence. Multiple times, I have attempted to present human overpopulation, either through an actual presentation or in general conversation. What I have found is that the average person typically neither understands the gravity of the issue nor logical solutions for it. The reality of the situation is that overpopulation is a problem and, more importantly, it is unavoidable. The purpose of this project is to clearly present the topic of overpopulation, to explain why it is a problem, and to propose what I have determined are the three most basic solutions. This is, quite simply, a persuasive argument based on common sense that also utilizes population data to make projections and estimations about human numbers and available space on Earth. A part of this argument will be the approach taken in viewing the topic at hand, which I have called the “Exo-human” perspective. This is an attempt to remove our view of the subject from the bulk of our human biases so that we may judge the problem of overpopulation objectively, without the interference of personal feelings, morals, etc. This project will take many factors relative to the issue into account and use a from-a-distance perspective to propose logical solutions.


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Human Overpopulation: A New Perspective

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