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Dr. Elaine Blakemore


Department of Psychology

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


This study examined the relationship between parent’s attitudes about the desirability of their children engaging in certain gender-related activities, and their children’s gender-related interests and traits. Participants included parents (24 male; 62 female) of 3- to 11-year-old children (35 male; 51 female; M age = 6.26 years; SD = 2.79). Data collection is ongoing so there may be a larger sample at the time of presentation. Parents completed three measures. First, the Child Gender-Socialization Scale (CGSS, Blakemore & Hill, 2008), which measures parental attitudes regarding the desirability of gender-related interests and behaviors in their own children. Second, they completed the Occupations and Activities Scales of the OAT (Liben & Bigler, 2002), which measures parents’ interests and attitudes regarding gender-related occupations and activities. Finally, the Preschool Activities Inventory (PSAI, Golombok & Rust, 1993), which is a measure of the child’s gender-related traits and interests, was completed.

Results showed that parents’ gender-related interests and attitudes were rarely associated with their children’s gender related-interests and traits. However, parents’ attitudes about the desirability of their children engaging in gender-related activities were consistently related to their children’s gender-related interests and traits. With this study, we can explore the implications of the findings for research on children's gender socialization, as well as, the measurement of parents' attitudes and children's gender-related interests.


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Are Parents’ Gender-Related Interests and Attitudes Associated with their Children’s Gender-Related Interests?

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