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Dr. Steven Stevenson


Department of Chemistry

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


In our lab we are pursuing separation strategies for isolating new molecules discovered in our lab. Our new molecules consist of clusters consisting of metals, nitrogen, and/or oxygen entrapped within fullerene cages. We have shown previously that these metallofullerenes contain an electron rich carbon cage, which in turn is well-suited toward reaction and subsequent complexation with electron-deficient Lewis acids, such as aluminum chloride. In this research project, we report the feasibility of using a different Lewis acid, copper (II) chloride, in metallofullerene isolation schemes. Our results indicate that we can successfully and selectively precipitate metal oxide and metal nitride metallofullerenes. Metallofullerenes consisting of only metal atoms entrapped can also be selectively complexed, precipitated, and decomplexed to recover pristine metallofullerenes.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Copper Chloride as a Selective Precipitation Agent for Purifying Endohedral Metallofullerenes

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