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Dr. Talia Bugel


Department of International Language and Culture Studies

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Fort Wayne is the residence of people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, many of whom speak English as their second language. While this provides the Fort Wayne area with a diverse cultural basis, a significant problem exists because of the diverse population: a language barrier. Without the necessary knowledge and skill set, this language barrier has developed into a hindrance, preventing local businesses and services providers from conducting business and providing services to members of the immigrant population. Among such monolingual immigrant groups, a population of great importance is the Hispanic population, as North America not only is inhabited by but is also in close proximity to many Spanish-speaking countries. Preliminary research is being conducted regarding the health status of the Hispanic community of Fort Wayne in order to determine if the language barrier is preventing such individuals from receiving adequate health care, and thus to establish the presence of pervasive health ailments of those members of the community. While in its initial stages, identification of such health issues of concern among the Hispanic population in Fort Wayne is in progress. Roughly 10 area experts on the health status of the Fort Wayne Hispanic community were contacted and interviewed in order to develop an idea of the prevalence of diseases or conditions ailing a significant portion of Hispanic community members. Such experts are defined as area officials who work directly or indirectly with the local Hispanic population, including but not limited to area health officials, health care providers, and those individuals who have conducted research regarding the Hispanic population. With this information, the goal is to publish informational literature or to provide a skill set to local businesses or service providers in order to better serve the Hispanic members of society. Thus, the research is being conducted to create a foundation for future research about potential health issues of the Hispanic population in the Fort Wayne community.


Arts and Humanities | Latin American Languages and Societies | Medicine and Health Sciences

Pervasive Health Ailments of the Hispanic Community of Fort Wayne