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Dr. Beomjin Kim


Department of Computer Science

University Affiliation

Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


With the advancement of handheld computing devices, mobile application development is a popular and important subject among computer scientist. Unlike other computing hardware, the mobile device, either a smart phone or tablet, supports various services such as GPS, accelerometer, Bluetooth, camera, sensors, etc. These unique features provide users many conveniences, but introduce new challenges in application development. The user can access the data and information from anywhere and anytime. The goal of this project was developing mobile applications to provide existing functionality via handheld devices and introduce new services by utilizing sensors on the mobile devices.

An application for IPFW was implemented in order to gain experience in mobile application development and enhance my career growth. The implemented application offers a variety of services for IPFW students, faculty, and visitors. The application is composed of several mini applications that offer a specific service. The services include: a map application to help users navigate campus by providing building information and walking/driving directions, an events application that lists the upcoming events at IPFW, a course schedule application that displays available courses and information about each course, and a service that prevents the user’s phone from ringing while on campus.

The application was fully implemented over the summer of 2012. The introduction of mobile applications to existing IPFW services and new features will provide many benefits to our students, faculty, and guests. Considerable research was necessary in several areas including: mobile application development, interface design, and server technologies. There are many other features that should be developed in the future such as a calendar that can sync with the users Blackboard account. Our system is designed to incorporate new features easily to the existing services.


Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

IPFW Mobile Application