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Mary Arnold Schwartz


CASA/Writing Center

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


A disconnect frequently exists between the expectations of student writers and the services offered within the IPFW Writing Center. For example, student writers have expected consultants to edit their papers or to direct their composition efforts. The purpose of this poster presentation is to convey the rationale behind the non-directive approach taken by the IPFW Writing Center and how we work to balance the desire of student writers for a more directive approach with our non-directive style. In our presentation, we will define and illustrate the differences between directive and non-directive consulting and discuss the complexities of the debate. Drawing on the work of Brooks, Shamoon and Burnes, Trimbur, and others, we will show the benefits of writing consultations that employ a non-directive approach while meeting the writers’ real need to learn during the consultation.


Education | Higher Education

“You Want Me to Do What?”: Directive vs. Non-Directive Consulting in Writing Centers