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Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Mohammad Alhassan


Department of Engineering/Civil Engineering

University Affiliation

Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


This project presents a methodology for shear design of reinforced concrete beams with fibers to explore the feasibility of using fibers as a complimentary shear reinforcement method. The purpose for conducting this design is to determine whether strux fibers can be used to replace congested stirrups in high shear areas in both structural lightweight and normal weight concrete and to determine what the cost benefits would be if the strux fibers are implemented into the beam shear design. The amount of shear strength generated from the fibers is the parameter that is needed to complete the proposed shear design for beams with fibers. The proposed shear design methodology or design procedure is needed to predict the amount of fibers as well as the spacing and number of stirrups that are needed to replace the congested stirrups. Once the design procedure is completed, the cost of the fibers and stirrups, as well as the cost of labor, which will be reduced dramatically with the reduction in stirrups, can be evaluated to compare the costs of a reinforced concrete beam strengthened with fibers and a reinforced concrete beam with congested stirrups.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Engineering

Design of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fibers