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Dr. Steven Stevenson


Department of Chemistry

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Our goal is to isolate Er3N clusters that are trapped inside over-sized, fullerene cages (e.g., C84-C112). These metallic nitrides in giant cages are expected to have intriguing properties due to the voluminous interior of the cage. Because of the low abundance of Er-based nitride endohedrals in soot extract, we must develop new separation methods to remove the remaining fullerene contaminants (99.9%). We discuss a successful purification approach based on reactivity differences among hollow fullerene cages (i.e., the abundant species) and the oversized fullerenes with entrapped Er metallic nitride clusters (i.e., trace abundance of these endohedral metallofullerenes). Optimal results are obtained by strategically combining our (1) “Stir and Filter Approach, SAFA, with our (2) “selective precipitation technique” with Lewis acids (e.g., CuCl2). We have successfully isolated two Er3N@C2n metallofullerenes. Structural information of our purified samples awaits X-ray crystallographic analysis.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Purification of Erbium Metallofullerenes in Large-Cages using Lewis Acids

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