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Dr. Eric Tippmann


Department of Chemistry

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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne


Nearly all proteins and enzymes on the planet are formed from the same common 20 amino acids. This ubiquity of the common 20 amino acids extends to all known organisms, from bacteria and fungi to plants and people. The ability to incorporate non-natural amino acids into proteins by genetic or chemical methods allows one to introduce novel properties that do not exist in Nature. In this way, the structure or function of the protein may be altered without perturbing any of the other 20 common amino acids in the molecule. Here we describe the syntheses and potential applications of metal-‐‐containing amino acid derivatives comprising a ferrocene group. The expedited synthesis should allow other research teams to more readily apply the ferrocene chemistry to problems in biology.


Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Improved synthesis of a genetically encoded non-natural amino acid

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