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Dr. Suining Ding


Department of Visual Communication and Design


Settled in the Midwest, Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and a prime location for students and professionals alike to grow and learn as a community. Every day, the community is developing with sidewalk renovations, improved ways of transportation, and keeping education a top priority. Madison is a leader in the economic world providing many social activities, galleries, museums, quaint shops, unique restaurants, and an upbeat nightlife. Along with the prominent economic status of Madison, employers are exceedingly interested in the amount of college educated workers. Many of those people who reside in Madison are employed by the college, creating a large support system for graduate and undergraduate college students, and those students in high school wishing to further their education. More in tuned to the design field, Madison is within close distance to many of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures. Some of the structures close by that inspired the design of the Wright Community Learning Center are Falling Water and the West Lawn House. Wright was known for creating spaces not only beautiful in design, but also for keeping his spaces functional and efficient. As a collaborative team of designers, we have come up with an educational center geared towards teaching and educating about creative interior design. Since property taxes in Madison are high, the design center will focus on educating professionals and students to effectively conserve space. It is essential to the community of Madison that designers learn to find ways to keep spaces small, yet functional and efficient to the end user. The Wright Community Learning Center provides a space for professionals, students, and the community to gather. By integrating a new concept of vertical learning into the space, we can reach students and professionals of all ages. Vertical learning is learning about a topic or concentrating on a subject matter in a deeper manner. This technique also creates a sense of unity for students to feel a part of larger group, rather than students that are the same age. By incorporating the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and the vertical learning technique, students are inspired to be creative and have the opportunity to network, learn, and produce unique designs as a community.


Art and Design

Wright Community Learning Center