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Dr. Bridget Leonard


Department of Management and Marketing


This study examines the effectiveness of mirror cling reminder cues in increasing tooth brushing for preschool children enrolled in local Head Start programs. Although a lot of social marketing programs use stickers and mirror clings as reminder cues, there is very little research that tests their effectiveness over the long term. This study consisted of a 6-week program where parents were sent a mirror cling of Roger the Red Robot, and asked to place it on their bathroom mirror where their child brushes their teeth. Through responsive text messages periodically over a 6-week period, parents were asked to report the number of times they brushed their child’s teeth, and whether they or their child suggested the tooth brushing. They also responded to a follow up question three months later asking whether their mirror cling was still up, and how often they were currently brushing their child’s teeth. Although results indicate that parents liked the mirror cling, there is no evidence that it increased the frequency of tooth brushing for the duration of the study. When it came to the perception of the mirror cling, however, parents reported that they felt the mirror cling helped to remind both themselves and their child to brush twice a day.



Testing the Effectiveness of a Reminder Cue in an Oral Health Program

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