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Andres Montenegro

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Department of Visual Communication and Design

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Department of Computer Science


Fascinated with building “living” digital representations of past cultures, Bachelor of Arts senior Daniel Johnson has developed a study combining digital visualization techniques with historical, archaeological, and literary records. Seeking to highlight an emerging form of engagement for educational content, Daniel is exploring the application of computer animation and simulation technology in an effort to bridge the gap between creative disciplines and historic archival. His research thus far has focused on current digital technology and media used in museum exhibits, including life-size physical panoramas and interactive working models, to assemble strategies for their transformation into interactive digital worlds. Daniel hopes to team with the research communities of educational institutions, museums, government organizations, and talented artists in order to gain access to related projects or resources aimed at archiving ancient cultures. By combining reconstructed artifacts with archaeological research and historic records, artists and programmers may someday work together to create digital models of civilizations that explore the prominent physical, social, and economic status of a people. Daniel hopes to see the development of large-scale interactive exhibits in the near future that make use of virtual/augmented reality to take users back in time with a fully-immersive experience.


Art and Design | Computer Sciences

Modeling Ancient Civilizations: How Emerging Technology is Changing the Way We Explore the Past