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Dr. Beomjin Kim


Department of Computer Science


The City of Fort Wayne Greenways and Trails Department maintains close to 90 miles of trails in the Fort Wayne Regional Trails Network, but it lacks means of gathering any trail usage data. Our software development team is addressing this absence of data by developing a mobile application for Android and iOS devices that will provide mutual benefits to the public and the City of Fort Wayne. Trail users will use our mobile apps to track their usage data for trail activities including distance traveled, activity duration, speed, calories burned, and coordinates along the trails. A database will then store the data gathered from the apps. To facilitate communications between the mobile apps and the database, we are developing a server-side web application, which will also host a data visualization page for City employees. The data we collect with our proposed mobile application can be used to analyze which areas of the trail are used the most, the trail used over temporal domain, and demographic data (volunteered) of the trail users via the web app.

Our development approach is the Rational Unified Process. This type of software development lifecycle is a step-by-step process of eliciting the customer’s requirements, analyzing those requirements, designing the software, implementing the designs, testing, and maintenance. The server-side system will utilize Microsoft SQL Server for the Database, a .NET for the web application, and it will run Microsoft Windows Server 2008 for its operating system. The system is at the final stage of the development to be delivered to the City by the end of Spring 2016. For our implementation, we have adopted the Test Driven Development approach. This approach is adapted for smooth transition to the next senior capstone team, who will expand the current system to the next level without a high learning curve. The expected system expansion includes connectivity with the City’s new 311 web service, enhanced data visualization, and a newsfeed system to allow users to receive updates from the City.


Computer Sciences

Mobile Application Development for Promoting Usage of City Trails