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Professor Andres Montenegro


Department of Visual communication and Design

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Department of Visual communication and Design


Creative project abstract: I am presenting a creative project of a short animation movie using the technique of Claymation based on the work of Tim Burton. The main purpose of this creative project proposal is to understand animating technique of Tim Burton, and how he set modeled the characters and scenarios to create cinematic storytelling. The goals of my project are:

1. Develop a character based on Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas to implement the technique he used to animate his puppets.
2. Study and apply the illumination technique used in his movies
3. Study and apply Tim Burton’s visual affects
4. Understand and apply how he used the camera to capture the Claymation animated scenes.

The conclusion of this creative project will have a great impact in my future professional work as an animator, and how to become a successful developer of characters in the gaming industry. This will help me in my further career is because developing characters and scenery will allow to further my knowledge with character development. Character development is a crucial part to video game design

Short Animation Based on Tim Burton’s Cinematic Technique