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Professor Andres Montenegro


Department of Visual Communication and Design

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Department of Visual Communication and Design


I am presenting a Creative/Research project of a phone game based on the work of past successful phone games including Temple Run and Subway Surfer. The main purpose of this creative project proposal is to understand the design of characters and environment in order to create an effective and enjoyable game for kids. The goals of my project are:

1. Develop one character that would entertain children in an interactive basis through compelling graphics and gaming object manipulation.
2. Study past characters in other games and apply different characters that are memorable, and functional as a reinvented feature in future versions of this video game.
3. Understand and design the concept of an environment that would become an engaging immersive scenario for the character adventures, and interaction with the phone game users.

The conclusions of this creative project will have a great impact in my future professional work as an animator, and to understand how to become a successful 3d modeler in the industry.

Revisiting animation/game designs from Temple Run and Subway Surfer