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Dr. Elizabeth Keller


Department of English and Linguistics


In this poster presentation, the author examines how core competencies of technical communication incorporate information systems and project management. The presentation explores particular data governance concepts that can be used to expand upon Hart-Davidson’s (2001) “core competencies of technical communicators” and Redish’s (2010) four elements of successful technical communication. Data governance defines roles and “assigns responsibilities for decision areas to these roles,” while establishing standards and ensuring compliance with strategies on an organization-wide basis (Weber, Otto, and Österle, 2009, p. 2). Technical communicators should be versatile and add value to their organizations and products (Dubinsky, 2015), as seen by the growing variety of competencies identified by Brumberger and Lauer (2015). These competencies connect technical communication to information systems and project management, as well as other fields. The presentation explores how this added value corresponds to Nardi and O’Day’s (1999) idea of the workplace “gardener,” an individual who grows productivity in his or her workplace. Specifically, this presentation demonstrates methods of bridging the fields of information systems and technical communication, elevating technical communication from its traditional support role by utilizing data governance concepts and versatile workplace “gardeners.”


Modern Languages

Data Governance for Gardeners: Bridging Information Systems and Technical Communication